Waste Management Tips that will Help your Small Business

If you are able to encourage refuse, resource recovery and recycling in your business then you will soon find that it is easier than ever for you to reduce the amount of waste that you actually create.

Measure your Business Waste

It can be very difficult for you to reduce the amount of waste that you are producing if you are not actively tracking your waste. If you want to do a quick visual assessment, then you need to go around your business and look at all of the bins that are ready for collection. You also need to see how full they are as well. Don’t worry about the size of bin either, just note down how full they are and how often your waste is being collected.  For example, you may have a 240L wheelie bin that is 50% full and if this is collected once a week then you are producing 120L of waste. When you have all of this information, you can then work out how much waste you are producing. You may be looking for a service provider company to remove the waste and influence off items you think to leave behind can be even more severe. Waste service companies in Dauphin County PA dumpsters are ideal in removing waste from any amount of without worrying about anything.

Reduce the Waste that Goes to the Landfill

Look around and find out if you can reduce your waste by changing the way that your business obtains goods or even services. You can also reuse as well, so think about it, does another business have a use for the waste that you are producing? In terms of recycling, can you do more with your waste?

Local Collectors

By documenting any materials that can be diverted from a landfill, you can then identify suitable waste collectors who can then help you out. Tipping skips are ideal because they make it ideal for you to dispose of small amounts of waste without having to worry about a thing. Of course, if you can use local collectors then this is great because it means that they are not coming out as far to collect the waste and this can really help the environment even more. For example, if you run a practice where medical waste is handled, you can easily do a search for “medical waste disposal in Houston” if your practice is in that area. 

Understand Waste Collection Contracts

It’s so important that you always try and secure the most appropriate arrangements for any recoverable materials. Your first contact should ideally be your current waste service provider. They might be a private operator or even the local council. You can then work from there and really delve into your contract. For example, if you are getting your waste collected every fortnight then try and make sure that your bin is big enough to hold this amount.

Material Collection Systems

It’s very understandable that different types of businesses will generate different types of waste. One way for you to make the whole process easier would be for you to implement a recycling plan at your business. This could involve having a paper bin and then a separate one for cans, or anything else similar. When you do this, you can then streamline your process and you can also really benefit as well. If you want to help yourself here, then it may be worth also briefing your team to see if they can come up with any more recycling plans.

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