New VisiRule release with Analytics component to gain insight into hidden usage patterns

New VisiRule release with Analytics component to gain insight into hidden usage patterns

LPA, creators of the No-Code Low-Code AI tool VisiRule, today announced a new release, VisiRule 3.0, with additional features for helping clients analyze results and manage charts.

VisiRule enables business users design and deliver rules-based expert systems using a familiar graphical interface. Business experts such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, engineers, simply draw their knowledge using a dedicated point-and-click diagrammer, specify the logic to assess user responses, and define the various conclusions and outcomes. VisiRule automatically creates the user questionnaire to ask the questions and is able to produce reports and populated documents using annotated document templates.

This means that business experts no longer need to engage technical programmers to automate decision support systems – they just need to understand and organize their own decision-making processes. By offering a rich graphical environment totally geared towards decision modeling, VisiRule helps enable this.

The new VisiRule Analytics component allows authors to see how their published charts are performing in terms of usage and outcomes. It supports analysis down to the level of individual questions and calculations, both by volume and, more importantly, partitioned by outcome or conclusion reached. This helps reveal usage patterns which are not obvious and provides deep insight into the behaviour of users. By incorporating these statistics with the map of the chart, this information can be accessed visually.

“We are excited about our new Analytics and VisiRule Manager components and the opportunity they will provide to our customers and prospects,” said Clive Spenser, Marketing Director of LPA. “We believe that these substantially add more value to the power of VisiRule decisions trees and flowcharts.”

The various components in the new VisiRule 3.0 release are:

VisiRule Author
VisiRule includes a dedicated authoring environment in which charts can be rapidly drawn and tested from a logical point-of-view. VisiRule Author supports a flow-chart paradigm like Visio, SmartDraw, and LucidChart, but one where the resultant flow charts or decision trees can be directly executed and shared.

VisiRule Manager
VisiRule Manager allows authors to organize and manage all their published charts and see their associated maps, generated code and documents instances.

VisiRule Publisher
VisiRule Publisher enables charts to be uploaded and published to the internet and delivered through browsers to clients on PCs, laptops and mobile devices.

VisiRule Server
VisiRule Server presents a web-based questionnaire which can be customised in accordance with company’s design preferences. Users are presented with a dynamic series of questions to answer, with an optional map of the original chart to help them navigate the decision process.

VisiRule Document Generator
VisiRule Document Generator enables the production of high-quality documents to be created based on the users answers and a supplied template.

VisiRule Explainer
VisiRule Explainer generates interactive explanations based on the user’s journey through the chart.

Logic Programming Associates (LPA) is a small dedicated AI company in England which has been providing advanced software solutions since it was formed in 1981. In Feb 2019, LPA joined the Barclays Eagle Labs LawTech incubator in Notting Hill, London. LPA products have been used in a wide-range of commercial and research applications including legal document assembly, environmental engineering, information modeling, disease diagnosis, fault diagnosis, language analysis and hardware simulation.

VisiRule is a powerful No-Code Low-Code tool first released by LPA in 2004 to support decision automation in various industries. Visirule is used by companies in Legal, Tax, Finance, HealthCare and Machine Diagnostics.

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