Select Transport reaps the customer service & cost benefits of implementing PODFather’s ePOD technology

Select Transport reaps the customer service & cost benefits of implementing PODFather’s ePOD technology.

Select Transport, the Manchester-based transport specialist, is reaping the benefit of introducing PODFather’s electronic proof of delivery technology into its international operation. Operating a fleet of 25-vehicles, making a mix of regular and ad hoc deliveries to customers located both in the UK and overseas, Select Transport needed a solution it could rely on to maximise efficiency and increase visibility across its business. The PODFather solution was selected and is now used daily to manage job bookings, plan vehicle routes, track truck movements, communicate with customers and is delivering huge benefits through the automation of both pricing and invoicing processes.

“Our customers are at the core of our business and ensuring they receive the best possible service was a key driver for selecting and implementing the PODFather system,” comments Marc Waterfield, Select Transport’s Managing Director. “Now that PODFather is up and running, not only have we been able to streamline operations, but our customers are seeing real benefit too. The solution has been a game changer for us.”

Select Transport is using a range of PODFather functionality. Job information is captured via phone or email and imported into the PODFather system. Optimised route plans are then produced with vehicle capacities, driving time and customer constraints automatically taken into consideration as part of the route planning process. Once jobs have been received and routed, Select Transport uses the PODFather system to monitor vehicles movements out on the road. In addition, Select can share delivery information with their customers via the PODFather portal; a change that has resulted in the number of customer calls received to be cut by half.

In additional to managing operational plans, the PODFather delivery management system has revolutionised Select’s pricing and invoicing processes. Pricing is now assigned automatically to each job; the job is carried out and then the PODFather system issues an invoice within 24 hours of job completion – a process which would have taken up to seven days under the old way of working. “In the past many of our processes were manual,” comments Steve Myall, Operations Director at Select Transport. “We had some system automation, but functionality was restricted. With PODFather we have a one stop shop solution that does everything from assist with job booking and route optimisation through to managing customer communications and invoicing. It really is an impressive piece of software that is supported by an extremely helpful and knowledgeable team.”

“Here at PODFather we do so much more than proof of delivery technology,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather. “Our pricing and invoicing features bring big benefits to users, as we’ve been able to demonstrate here at Select Transport. Having one, reliable software partner handling everything really helps companies to understand where revenue is coming from within their business. It’s this joined up thinking that makes the PODFather solution such a powerful piece of technology for today’s transport operators.”

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