New Amazon Alexa Skill North Pole Live is primed to spark the imaginations of children and adults alike this festive season. 

North Pole Live allows users to ‘listen in live’ to what Santa and his elves are getting up to as they prepare to fly around the world on Christmas Eve – thanks to a microphone ‘hidden’ inside the big man’s workshop. Listeners can expect to hear sounds of toys being made, updates to the nice or naughty list, elf conversations, tannoy announcements, and even Santa stopping by as well! 

The talk of reindeer escapades and Yuletide sounds will get everyone in the festive mood, whilst the elf conversations will entertain parents – drawing a giggle from even the biggest of grinches. 

North Pole Live has been created by award-winning audio production company Reel2Media. 

Talking about the inspiration behind the skill Reel2Media Co-Founder Anthony Gay said: 

“From carols to crackers, sleigh bells to Santa’s ho ho ho, sound is such an intrinsic part of Christmas and we wanted to create a skill that captured some of the magic. North Pole Live is designed not just for kids but for their parents too. Anyone who has ever worked in an office will appreciate the elfish spin on workplace gossip, marital rants, and Christmas party controversies. At its core however, the skill is designed to evoke the joy and magic of a childhood Christmas delivering an audio experience that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy this festive season.” 

Talking about the format of the Skill, Co-Founder Mike Thomas added: “The skill has been designed to encourage users to listen in once a day. Our vision is for families to use it as an Alexa advent calendar of Santa’s workshop sounds, so we’ve deliberately limited sessions to just a few minutes each. We hope that it will become part of many pre-Christmas routines, helping build excitement and anticipation as the big day draws closer.” 

North Pole Live is available now in the UK, North America, Ireland, and Australia from the Alexa Skills Store, or just say “Alexa, open North Pole Live” to get started. Merry Christmas! 

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