The Hammersmith & Fulham Dementia Action Alliance announces Dhivya Venkat as their new Chair

London, UK, 17th May, 2022 – Dhivya Venkat, co-founder and CEO of Esya Labs, has been nominated as the new Chair of the Hammersmith & Fulham Dementia Action Alliance (HFDAA), as announced by Councillor Ben Coleman. 
The HFDAA brings together a host of organisations from the borough to increase awareness about dementia and encourage their support for people living with dementia, their families and their carers. 

Dhivya will bring experience and expertise to the title, having served in roles across the not-for-profit, public and private sectors. In addition to this role, Dhivya is the CEO and co-founder of Esya Labs, where they are developing a precision diagnostic for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), whilst opening up novel avenues for the diagnosis, treatment and management of AD. Dhivya is committed to contributing her time to improving the lives of those living with dementia. 

 Dhivya’s broad-based entrepreneurial experience and her work in the start-up domain at Imperial College’s Incubator in White City create opportunities for collaboration. Esya was voted as one of H&F’s ‘Impact & Innovation 110’ in March this year.
Peggy Coles, Coordinator of the HFDAA stated:
“Dhivya joins the HFDAA at an important stage, when we are developing new ways to support dementia care in H&F, increase the membership of the HFDAA and make new partnerships with businesses in science, research and innovation.”
“I am honored and excited to be involved in the HFDAA, contributing to the goal of building a community which supports people with dementia, their carers, and their support structure in the borough. It’s a debilitating disease which affects one-in-six elderly, and has a huge mental and financial impact on the lives of their families. I believe working together with local businesses, charities and the H&F community will enable us to cultivate an inclusive, dementia-friendly community that supports everyone impacted by this condition.”

Image: Councillor Ben Coleman, Peggy Coles, Dhivya Venkat, and Jo Baty 

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