What is outsourcing?

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Nowadays, we hear more and more often about outsourcing. But do we know what this process means? Most people would doubtless answer “yes”. Outsourcing means to distribute specific internal processes of a company to a third part, by reallocating resources, and it is used in various industries from software development to legal.

We, at AROBS, are in the business of IT outsourcing, from 1998.

But outsourcing is more than what we described above. Outsourcing solves many problems within companies, supporting both managers and employees. This process appeared in the spectrum of business development decades ago. Lately, its advantages have been more recognized, which is why this domain is so evolved and varied, constantly adapting to the needs of partners.

Why outsourcing?

Because it simplifies the work, saving time and money. Interviews, training of new employees, salaries will be the responsibility of the partner. Thus, each company can focus on the principal activity, investing in top quality and performance. The major advantage of outsourcing is that you can choose the partner with whom you want to collaborate to complete your project. You must base this choice on concrete data and thorough expertise. The first thing you will have to make is choosing the type of outsourcing, more specifically, offshore – in foreign countries – or near-shore – for example, neighboring countries, with the same time zone. The most important choice for outsourcing is still to choose the partner – the best orientation is always to specialized companies, with teams of experts.

From small to large, companies use outsourcing, for example, to keep accounting records. However, outsourcing is most often used in IT, providing high efficiency and performance.

Why AROBS for IT outsourcing?

Firstly, for the known performances and high-quality services. Founded in 1998 in Cluj Napoca, AROBS has become one of the best outsourcing companies in Central and Eastern Europe, offering both offshore and near-shore services. AROBS has specialized teams of software developers, comprising juniors and seniors. The quality of provided services is globally recognized by ISO certification, a large portfolio of successful projects and good expertise. Moreover, AROBS will be a reliable partner which will adapt to your needs, providing the best solutions for your company. What about costs, AROBS offers a perfect ratio between price and quality. For more information, visit the AROBS website.