4 Advantages of AWS Training For IT

In the field of IT, skills are more important than ever to get a good career. With the number of resources available, employees are seeking ways to stay competitive. Fortunately, technology makes it possible for us to get on track. Data and technology go hand-in-hand, and it applies to skills such as AWS. Furthermore, training for such positions gives better opportunities.

Why do you need to train for AWS? Training for AWS gives you an edge in a fast-paced industry. It is the latest in-demand skill that IT companies are looking for in their talent pool. The prevalence of e-commerce and digital payment involves AWS, which includes cloud computing. Consider these advantages as you study AWS as a skill!

New Career Opportunities

AWS certification training requires studying, practicing and applying AWS to the system. New IT professionals should look into the many opportunities that come with AWS certification. It can start with cloud computing, server management, and strengthening existing skills. For example, a newly-hired employee can start working under an IT admin until the opportunity presents itself to the employee. As a result, their career can jumpstart to better opportunities.

Better Paycheck

Investing in AWS means a better paycheck. According to the 2022 IT Skills and Salary Report, cloud computing, an essential skill in AWS, is 41% more likely to receive better pay. With the ever-increasing demand, IT professionals have made an average of $158,485. This number is the combined average of AWS professionals across five different specialties. Therefore, if you land in any position that involves AWS, you receive great pay annually.

The possible positions you can land in AWS include Certified Developer, Solutions Architect, Security Specialist, and more. As long as you have a certification, you have a chance to get a hefty salary.

Good For Your Resume

IT companies look for employees who know how to use AWS. Even learning a short course in the skill gives you an edge compared to your peers.

Once you include AWS in your resume, you get more chances of getting hired. It is important to specify what aspect of AWS you know so the company can give you the best position. In addition, include related certifications and skills that help you stand out. Having these certifications is a good indicator that you are willing to learn and apply your knowledge.

Becoming A Subject Matter Expert

AWS provides a program for individuals who have earned certification. In it, you get to learn more about AWS services and its features. A certified professional can earn a Subject Matter Expert title, which includes skills and expertise. You can participate in workshops and development processes to gain more knowledge. As a result, you gain more credentials to your resume with the added benefit of AWS.

Anyone of any skill level can benefit from being a Subject Matter Expert. Once you learn the ins and outs of AWS, you can teach the knowledge to individuals who are looking into the skill.

Wrapping Up

Training for AWS gives you many advantages to get better positions. You get the chance to be a Subject Matter Expert, and you can land a high-paying job. This gives a good impression on your resume and to potential employers. As a result, you will gain more opportunities after studying AWS. Once you learn the skills, your career will rise to greater heights.