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LONDON, January 2020 – A team of cyber security and internet safety experts have launched the world’s first online membership service, designed to help parents navigate the minefield of online safety.

Founder, 32-year-old Jonny Pelter, who has previously worked with Shell, Schroders, JPMorganChase, KPMG and Deloitte, has created to support parents in protecting their families from threats such as cyber bullying, sextortion, social media hijacking, online grooming, email hacking, identity theft and online fraud.

For £3.99 per month (£44.99 per year), parents will be able to assess what protection their family needs, then receive expert guidance on how to get their protection in place, via video tutorials, instruction manuals and podcasts. They can also use the platform to receive personal support from industry experts via the online discussion forum, monthly Q&A webinars or 1-to-1 coaching calls.

Jonny is building a team of professionals in cyber security, internet safety, children’s health and family advocacy to support the online community. For example, Elizabeth Milovidov, a renowned internet safety expert is onboard bringing with her a legal background in child online protection, digital citizenship and digital parenting.

The platform provides parents with trackable tasks they can use to get their protection in place, such as installing anti-virus software or tightening social media privacy settings. It extends further than just security and privacy, teaching parents about digital citizenship and responsible use of technology.

The in-built SOS Centre helps them diagnose issues, points them to self-help resources or quickly connect with an expert in the online community to resolve things.

Frustrated by the lack of quality and affordable support available to everyday families, founder of Simple Cyber Life Jonny Pelter, said:

“The current way of supporting parents with a once-per-year school talks is ineffective. During these talks, parents get bombarded with alarming stories of everything that can possibly go wrong and worst of all, there is no support for them after they leave. They return home with more questions than answers. Understandably they paralysed by the complexity of it all, resulting in no protection at all.”

“We focus less on the scaremongering and more on empowering parents with simple and practical advice. Critically, we then offer them support for any questions they might have.”

“By launching this new online community, we create a network of like-minded parents and internet safety experts that parents can tap into, to get the support they need. For a similar cost of one large coffee per month, parents will have direct access to expert advice, delivered to them at home, whenever they need it – like having their own personal trainer, just for internet safety.”

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– For more information on the new online community, visit
– Founder, Jonny Pelter, is a fully qualified cyber security professional with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. For more information on Jonny, his experience, certifications and qualifications, please visit

– A report by Accenture Security indicates that the UK has the largest increase in cyber crime year-over-year (31%) in the world, costs increased to $11.5 million at last count (2018)- The European Commission found that 51% of European citizens feel not at all or not well informed about cyber threats (source)- Cyber crime breaches are anticipated to increase nearly 70% by 2024 (a Juniper – – – Research report indicates that the costs of cyber crime will show an average annual growth of 11%)
– A recent study of 2.6 million children by Bark in their Children & Teen Cyber Report found that 70% of teens experienced cyberbullying (2018).
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