Is Waterfall Marketing the Right Strategy for Your Business?

Marketing is the function that can make or break your business and bring in either profits or losses, depending on the strategy that you employ and how you employ it. With the advent of digital marketing, there have been a number of tools, technologies and trends that have emerged to make brands and customers come together in a more seamless manner. This has also happened due to the growing opportunities and the constant challenge of exploding competition in the digital world. Apart from CRM and marketing automation, there are a number of systems and strategies like the Waterfall Marketing Method, which has evolved to help businesses and customers find each other.

Before we actually get into an explanation of what the waterfall marketing methodology is, let us understand why we need an evolved method of focused marketing like this one. Here are a few of our top reasons:

  • Amplification of Opportunities: With the advent of all things digital, we have been presented with the unique opportunity of being able to reach a lot more people than we would have, and much more frequently and also – a fraction of a cost, sometimes even free. This has created a challenge called competition since the ease of reach and engagement has increased.
  • Finding Customers: With the above challenge, it has become easy to find customer, but that much more difficult to make them YOUR customers. The level of creativity and engagement displayed by all your competitors makes it imperative for you to bring in a targeted approach that will bring your customers home.
  • Leaving a Clear Footprint: It is not just important to make a sale when you are indulging in digital marketing. It is just as important to create a footprint that will lead to new conversions and people remembering your brand when they most need it – which is also what we term as brand recall.

Apart from the above three reasons, there are a number of others that make the adoption of waterfall marketing that much more important. This is due to the fact that waterfall marketing is a focused and targeted approach that makes use of information, analysis, testing, tweaking and execution as well as maintenance every step of the way. This is known to be one of the most fool proof and efficient methods for those who seriously want to create a pool of customers who will be loyal to what they see and they perceive it.

Yet, the big question would be – is out for you?

Is the waterfall marketing methodology for you business and would you have the resources and the bandwidth to implement an information centric and deeply analytical method such as this one? Here’s how you can most definitely find out.

  1. Content: As we all know – content is king. We all need stellar content to make our presence felt in the digital world. However slow the uptake may be, when you consistently create content that truly flows from one piece of information to the other, or one clear idea to another. There is a lot of research that needs to be done based on the information that you garner from the way your audience behaves on the platforms where you want to market your brand. So, if you are looking to churn out better content that actually drives conversions with proper reach and engagement in the real sense, waterfall marketing would be one of your best bets. The various ways in which you express yourself should be well researched and well articulated so that it is a creative expression of what your customer actually wants to hear. For this, the research based on questions and commonly faced problems of your marketing segment would be imperative.
  2. Marketing Framework: Sometimes, it is easy to lose sight of what you really need to do in terms of marketing. There are so many opportunities all around the Internet and various digital platforms, that your efforts may be random and sometimes, unfortunately they may run too thin. So what your business really needs is structure and a decisive framework that brings in some semblance of consistent, linear effort towards marketing. This is where the waterfall marketing method kicks in to help your business. So, if you are looking to make your efforts more efficient and make them follow a structure that definitely reaches your goals, then this is the marketing strategy for you.
  3. Improved Reach: Have you been facing problems in the area of social media presence? Are your efforts inconsistent and do these efforts mainly depend on how much time you have? Then, it is time to create a more serious and linear approach. If you feel like you need to do more on social media, then the waterfall marketing method is the way to go about it. Not only will this help you put your content together – as pointed out in one of the earlier points – but it will also help you set out an exact execution plan that will go from one task to the other with a deadline backing each of the tasks. That will definitely render your marketing efforts much more efficient and it will help you reach more and more of your ideal customers. So, you will not only gain a higher quantity of customers, but you will also gain the right kind of customers to help you reach your business goals.
  4. Analysis: Many times, we pour all our efforts into marketing and making our brand more visible without really stopping to analyze where it is all going. Are we gaining more followers and are these followers turning into customers? What is the ROI or return on investment of our efforts and which kind of content and marketing efforts are getting the best response? If these are answers that you want, then the waterfall marketing methodology is definitely one that will help your business since jt has a clear cut maintenance step that does exactly that!