Rybakov Foundation organizes distant learning to 500 multi-child families during coronavirus

On April 20, Ekaterina Rybakova, the President of the Rybakov Foundation, announced the new program that aims to support multi-child families by providing kids with laptops.

The program initiators are the Rybakov Foundation, the regional non-governmental organization “Mnogodetstvo”, the Center for Assistance to multi-child Families “MnogoMama” and the charity foundation “Volunteers to help orphans”. Under the project, large families will receive 500 computers at a cost of 10 million rubles ($134 000). The logistic partner of the project is Wildberries.

Ekaterina Rybakova, the President and сo-founder of the Rybakov Foundation: “We talked a lot to school people and to representatives of the nonprofit sector. And we realized that now, in the context of distance learning, multi-child families are between wind and water. That is why, the Rybakov Foundation prepared a common project together with our partners – organizations that provide support to multi-child families – “MnogoMama”, “Mnogodetstvo”, and “Volunteers to help orphans”. Under the project, 367 large families will receive 500 computers”.

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