Business transformation in four weeks, despite COVID lockdown

Cocoon and FLF Product Design launch with new products and services to respond to COVID-related lockdown measures.

Together with FLF Product Design, we applied a design thinking approach, preparing for the various COVID 19 response levels. We have identified the most valuable contributions to the property, real-estate and developments markets while adhering to COVID-19 Level 3 guidelines. CocoonHomes now offers complete home living packages and services.

We are so proud to announce the launch of and its updates:

  • Level-3 safety plan
  • Emergency Housing services
  • Online booking capabilities
  • 3D-Walkthroughs
  • Financing

The updates come with new capabilities that will allow our business to improve our online operations.

Starting with our safety measures to protect our staff and clients, we have paved the way for delivering the kind of value that is relevant right now.
Our new CocoonHomes emergency housing package, for example, will increase the supply for necessary emergency living arrangements. We will, of course, still offer CocoonHomes Staging for vendors and developers. However, with our online booking capabilities, we can operate safely, contactless and streamlined. All to create a more convenient service to our clients.
Furthermore, for our development clients, we aim to increase virtual property visits with our branded 3D-Walkthrough and new rendering capabilities.

With our primary focus on the housing and real estate market, we now offer CocoonServices. Individual homebuyers can access financing for their new furniture, which is delivered and set up before they move in. Developers can drive their competitive edge by offering furniture packages as part of their home sale offering.

With many more services and two additional CocoonHomes Packages in development, we want to thank our staff and the team from FLF Product Design ( for this incredibly intense and fast business redesign.

We are in this together.

Monique Knight
Director of Cocoon Staging Limited

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