Quadriga Asset Management Subscribes Record Numbers to Its Investment Management Service During February

Quadriga Asset Management Subscribes Record Numbers to Its Investment Management Service During February


London, UK – The rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic has meant the markets have taken a beating so far in 2020 and the impact that COVID-19 is having on the already weak global economy is becoming more pronounced. Still, there has been one pan-European asset management service that has exceeded industry expectations and continued to build their clients’ wealth regardless of the market conditions.

Quadriga Asset Managementhas reported record numbers to its investment management service during the month of February and higher than average numbers every month since. Through Brexit, through a slow European economy and with global markets in turmoil, even during the coronavirus pandemic, Quadriga Asset Management’s traders are able to increase client wealth throughout these challenging times. 

Quadriga Asset Management’s managed account service gives today’s investors an effective way to grow their portfolio and build a sustainable wealth platform. The team of asset management professionals at Quadriga Asset Management see corporate and institutional investors achieving returns from Fixed Income through investments within emerging markets and corporate bonds. 

The Quadriga Asset Management website, which can be found at: https://www.quadrigaassetmanagement.com/, offers information on their complete portfolio of services including their highly successful Investment Management Service and Series A / Series B European funds. Series A follows the performance/risk ratio of the company’s flagship investment management service, and Series B offers investors the potential for higher returns with a slightly higher risk profile, and much more.

To learn more about London asset management serviceand how Quadriga Asset Management’s managed account services team can help your investments grow and become sustainable, contact Quadriga Asset Managementand speak to an asset management professionalwho can create a strategic asset management planto suit your needs.

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