Document Automation & Its Impact on Remote Working

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Document Automation consultancy company DocGovern, today announced the launch of an industry wide survey looking at Document Automation and its impact towards more effective ways of working and collaborating, including the current critical need to support remote working.

Aimed at any organisation who may or may not be using a Document Automation platform, the purpose of the survey is to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of Document Automation, including how it could aid secure collaboration and help businesses operate more effectively during this current climate. The survey will also be an opportunity for companies considering Document Automation to have their say on what they need from the solution to facilitate operational effectiveness, including the immediate need to tactically adapt, and the longer term strategic objectives of their organisation.

Gary Lessels, General Manager at DocGovern says-

“As a consultancy company, we are continually assessing and appraising the Document Automation marketplace for our Clients. Expanded compliance mandates, heightened security threats, and rising data management costs are fuelling the need for effective Document Automation – even more so during this current climate.

We want to find out not only organisation’s opinions on their use of Document Automation across their business, but also how, if at all, their company is using a Document Automation solution to support remote working.”

Gary adds-

“Any individual who takes part in the survey will receive a copy of the survey results as a White Paper. I’m sure it will be an insightful read and be of value to any organisation wondering how effective Document Automation could support their business now and in the future.”

To take part in the survey, please visit or look at DocGovern’s website.

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