Global Passenger Network Partners with Busworld Academy for a Webinar Focused on Coach Industry during COVID-19

Global Passenger Network partnered with Busworld Academy to implement a webinar focused on the coach industry titled: “How can coach operators generate income and reduce costs during COVID-19?” last Thursday 23 April.


The webinar was a huge success with over 950 registrations from around the world and an attendance rate of over 50%.                          

The purpose of the webinar was for top-level managers in coach operating companies to share their experiences and actions during these unprecedented and challenging times.

Five of the speakers were members of GPN from various countries from around the world:

  • Mr. Mark Anderson – CEO @ Anderson Travel, UK – GPN member UK
  • Mr. Trinh Gia Hien – Executive Assistant @ HAIVAN Group, Vietnam – GPN member Vietnam
  • Mr. Luis A. Pedrero – CEO @ Car Tour, Spain – GPN member Spain
  • Ms. Bronwyn Wilson – President @ IMG (International Motorcoach Group), USA – GPN member USA
  • Mr. Thami Mourad – Vice President @ GM2 Tours, Morocco – GPN member Morocco
  • Mr. Mohammed A. Afzal – Chairman & Managing Director @ AB Business Enterprises – The Parveen Group, India
  • Mr Jan Deman, – Director for the Busworld Foundation, was the moderator

The first part of the webinar was related to generating income during the COVID-19 period and various actions taken by members of GPN were presented including co-operating with cruise lines for passenger repatriation, transfers between hospitals, repatriation of expats, sleeper coaches being offered as extra space for hospitals, transport of cargo for hospitals by coaches, offering coach services on regular lines to ensure social distancing, military transport, transport of prisoners, free transport for individuals getting home, transportation of goods between provinces and more.

The second part was related to cost reduction, also an important factor that enables companies to deal with the current situation. This is a time ideal to look into aspects of the business that may be overlooked or difficult to implement during normal operation periods, including training,  maintenance, monitoring and reducing communication costs, processing drivers’ schedules, evaluating parts (if really needed), reducing insurance costs, revision of existing loans, etc.

The last topic on the agenda was the effects of COVID-19 in the long-run, how this crisis will affect driver shortage after this period, how passenger behaviour will change and if providing other services will need to be evaluated.

In regards to this partnership with Busworld Academy, Agnes Pastuszak, Chairman of GPN, said: “For all of us in the coach industry, initiatives undertaken, like the webinar organized by Busworld Academy, helps bring us all closer. Through these initiatives we have the opportunity to exchange views and ideas that may help us face this crisis. GPN is a family of coach operators from around the world and we take pride in sharing our experiences, views and ideas amongst our family members. In view of this, it was an honor for us to be a part of such an important initiative and partnering with Busworld Academy with such great success. We look forward to the next webinars which will also include interesting topics.”

Jan Deman, Director of Busworld Academy, added “The Busworld Academy webinars and seminars focus on the industry itself.  Key speakers in our initiatives are operators, bus manufacturers, suppliers, etc. That is why we appreciate this cooperation with GPN so much.  Our joint thinking starts from the strength of the sector itself, and from the services we can provide to society. We work closely with authorities at all levels and are glad to represent the voice of the private bus & coach industry in this.”

For those that did not have the opportunity to attend the webinar live, they can still view it online at the link:

The next webinar will be related to “How to restart bus operations after a lockdown?” and will take place on Thursday 30 April. You can register at the Busworld Academy link:


Notes to editors

Global Passenger Network (GPN), established in July of 2006, is the first international passenger transportation organization of premium national motor coach networks or private companies which enjoy national recognition. Throughout the years it has been steadily adding new members that share the original philosophy of the organization. From its 10 founders, GPN has grown to include 41 members. Although the goal is to offer service in every country around the world, GPN’s focus remains on quality coach hire rather than quantity, and only the best operators are considered for membership.


Throughout their existence, Busworld and the Busworld Academy have been a focal point for people who want to find all kinds of information on the many aspects of the bus and coach industry. Using our worldwide network of exhibitors, operators, academics, journalists, engineers and other contacts, we have always been able to point people in the right direction. The Busworld Academy has three main objectives, mainly to acquire, bundle and share bus and coach related knowledge about all aspects of the industry, including technological developments to enhance sustainable mobility, legislation, markets and more specific topics, such as coach tourism. These topics can be categorized in three main fields: Safety, Sustainability and Comfort.

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