Groundbreaking Mind Development App Offers 2020 Free to All Healthcare Workers in Midst of COVID-19 Crisis

As COVID-19 has swept the globe, millions of people all over the world — particularly the heroic healthcare workers on the front lines — are experiencing stress, fear, exhaustion, and isolation. 


Marlise Karlin, founder of the groundbreaking SOS Method technique, pioneered new research in mental health for more than 15 years, focused specifically on people who have high levels of stress or trauma. This holistic, science based practice, includes one-of-a-kind meditations designed to rewire the brain’s crisis response center and provide relief in only moments.


SOS Method has been effective at helping doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and patients with chronic stress and insomnia in Asia, Africa, Europe, the U.S and Canada, for decades.. 


“People in healthcare put themselves at risk every day trying to help others who have been stricken with COVID-19,” said Marlise Karlin. “They have enormous stress which can take a serious toll on their mental and physical health. We want to offer them a simple way to release anxiety, find soothing relief, and feel hopeful. Even if they only have 5 minutes, it will help.” 


Healthcare workers can visit to sign up. They’ll gain access to the SOS immersive sound Meditations, Mind Developing Programs and Tools that also help you sleep. Renowned National Geographic Explorer, Beverly Joubert, found the musical sounds of SOS gave her soothing relief that allowed her to heal and sleep better in ICU after a traumatic experience.


To  support everyone, the SOS Method App has also unlocked premium content for one week to all users who download it, and a second free week after creating an account. Sleep and Stress collections will help individuals and families find courage and strength to manage these unprecedented life disruptions and discover new ways to thrive .


To learn more, watch videos, and read about the research,visit  For press kits and other assets email .

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