Michelin UK Reveals What Your Car Says About You

Does owning a red car make you more likely to be a hopeless romantic? Is owning a Lamborghini an indication of a mid-life crisis? Are you more likely to find a Robin Reliant owner in a football stadium or at the theatre?

For decades people have had their personalities judged on the type of car they drive, but just how reflective is a sleek and shiny car to its owner?

At Michelin, we wanted to find out, so we’ve taken a light-hearted approach to explore a fleet of different cars.

We explored what the colour, size, and manufacturer of your car could be saying about you by asking internet users about their preferences.

Red is often associated with an impulsive, highly ambitious person, who is usually the life and soul of the party. But at a time when it is harder to gauge a person’s career prospects based on their vehicles, are we still making outdated judgements?

Are you a 40 year old, snooker-playing super SUV, or a Miniature Schnauzer-owning, 18-24 year old hatchback?

We discovered that a graphic designer is more likely to own a stylish saloon to match their professional image. You can expect to find a rugby-loving petrol head driving along in a sports car, while a police officer would turn off their favourite film and head out for a relaxing weekend drive in the Skoda Octavia estate car.

What does your car say about your personality? Do our findings match your expectations? Take a look through our findings and discover what your SUV car says about you.

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