Revelations About “Purple Rain” Shared 37 Years Later in an Adult Fiction Novel


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Revelations About “Purple Rain” Shared

37 Years Later in an Adult Fiction Novel


How an Unknown Artist Sparked the Name of the Hit “Purple Rain”, Turning Prince, then a Genius Musician with a Small Cult Following into a World Famous Pop-Rock Star


Casablanca, Morocco – May 1, 2020 – Ali Anthony Bell, author of the adult fiction novel “1983-1984 Surfing the Purple Wave”, 37 years after the events, has finally shared this incredible story of how he met the rock star “Prince” in Minneapolis, MN, in May 1983 at a fountain and the discussion which apparently led to the title of the hit single, album, and movie “Purple Rain”.

This is a fiction novel based on real events in the author’s life. It is the story of a major life change, beginning a new life, embracing a new culture, new learning experiences and also of success and failure. Following the story, the reader will be able to realize the importance of the sequence of events leading up to the meeting at the fountain and draw their own conclusions. Release Date: May 29, 2020, available now for pre-order.

Synopsis: A 23-year-old American “starving artist” has had an obsession with France since early childhood. His one lifetime goal is to get to Paris. This story starts in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Minnesota, in 1983, where he finally achieves his goal though his endeavors in experimental film making. In the meantime, and completely without his knowledge, he also inadvertently sparks the title of one of the biggest popular music hits of the year, subsequently turning a genius musician with a small cult following into a world famous pop-rock star. The life of the artist continues, as he finally gets to Paris, falls in love, gets married, and settles in France, still an unknown struggling and starving artist (synopsis written without spoilers).

About the author: Ali Anthony Bell is the author of 3 precedent works: “From the Red City to the White House”, an adult fiction novel based on real events in his first 2 years in Morocco, “In the Lion’s Den”, a short story memoir about teaching in Casablanca, and “Little Things Which Make a Difference”, a collection of 33 articles published from 2015 to 2018 on Linked-In Pulse. All three precedent works have had excellent reviews and 5 star ratings on goodreads.

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