Can you spot the four leaf clover in this bustling green field?

With pollen counts set to soar this week, hayfever sufferers may want to avert their noses from this latest brainteasing puzzle.

Hidden amongst this field of pollen-producing flowers and grass is a single four leaf clover.

Can you spot the traditional charm in this bustling green field?

Greg Tatton Brown from online casino, which came up with the puzzle, said: “With any luck, this puzzle will prove to be a distraction from your runny nose, itchy eyes and scratchy throat.

“Statistically a four-leaf clover appears in nature for every 10,000 of its three-leafed brethren, so your chances of spotting our single quad-clover are significantly increased here.

“Each leaf of the clover is actually assigned a specific symbolic meaning, with the first symbolising hope, the second – faith, the third – love, and the crucial forth – luck.”



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