An excellent new system of medicine that may be able to defeat the coronavirus

An excellent new system of medicine that may be able to defeat the coronavirus.

I invented an excellent medical system in 2012.

  • In the current extreme crisis, to get rid of this deadly enemy all over the world, I hope this method will work.

Therefore, I request you to check this medical procedure.

Extremely subtle medicine is needed to seize the invisible enemy. This medicine will not only heal the infected person, but also act as a preventive.

Very briefly: To make medicine in this way, collecting infected cells or diseased cells (in this case, cells infected with any virus, such as corona virus) repeated collisions or friction is caused to occur between other object particles with it. Somewhat, like preparing medicines in homeopathic method. The medicine that is prepared in a certain process will be the best medicine for the disease caused by that virus. Even this drug will be able to act as a preventive.

Although this treatment will not be performed according to homeopathic principles. Will be performed according to the new system of medicine~ ‘MahaPathy’.

To know more about this medical procedure, please visit my website, and contact me. Thanks.

Sumeru Ray
(Maharshi MahaManas)

Email: sumeru1235@gmail

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