Electrical Engineering Company Unveils Predictive IoT Solutions

UK Spalding based electrical engineering company Control Freaks Ltd, has recently unveiled predictive maintenance and conditioning monitoring software and equipment, which is it offering to their customers.

Conditioning monitoring is a radical process which uses IoT software and sophisticated technology to oversee the working condition of a critical piece of machinery in the production line.

Managing Director Clint Johnson, had this to say, “this technology is able to pinpoint a sudden change in the operating functionality of a vital asset in the production line. This enables the operator to take corrective measures to ensure the machine can be repaired before causing major damage. During this period of uncertainty this technology could be absolutely vital, particularly in the food and drinks sector.”

Control Freaks have partnered with Mitsubishi Electric to integrate a huge array of smart sensing and automation technology into one of the most comprehensive smart conditioning monitoring packages available on the market. The system reduces costs, minimises risks and maximises production capacity and could be absolutely vital in the coming weeks and months.

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