Occupying The Family During The Winter Months

As the rainy days make their appearance, the outings are limited and we are forced to stay longer indoors. So all parents are probably searching for ideas for creative fulfilment for their children, as well as some activities for themselves. It’s important to feel fulfilled as summer ends and self-isolation measures continue into the winter months.

Excursion to the countryside

Nature is definitely the best choice for a small and active child. A weekend excursion to a nearby forest, mountain or lake for a few hours is a must! Take long walks, encourage your children being in nature and explore areas that you haven’t before. Is there anything better, it will encourage exercise and fresh air and sunshine which massively contributes to a healthy immune system. 

Engaging in gardening

Whether you have a garden at home or a balcony, gardening is fun and one of the best quality family activities for you and your child. Plant small flowers, take care of them together and in addition to the time you will have with your child, you can teach them the responsibility and love to achieve things for their future. It also helps take the pressure off you and something you can do together to bond. 

Voluntary work

It is very beautiful for children to set a good example from their parents. When they see you picking up trash in a park or beach, when you go to a nursing home together to spend time with the elderly, when you visit an animal shelter to help other volunteers, they will learn a lot.

The quality time between you will offer much more than just entertainment. The child will learn the meaning of offering, environmental protection and mutual aid. Above all it is the benevolent thinking and then the knowledge and the tutorials, right?


Kids love to eat pizza, cookies and sweets! So why not make them at all? Encourage them to become your “assistant-chefs” and create some delicious and nurturing food! It is especially enjoyable for them to play with doughs and extremely funny and fun for you to watch. Have Dad wash the dishes at the end of cooking as his own piece of work and you are ready!

Reading books

Like museums and the planetarium, when it comes to an educational activity, proper preparation is needed. Choose a book that the child is interested in can benefit from. Choose one that offers educational benefits and encourage reading during the day as well as before bed, to enjoy your books together. This will help teach them some morals and values and stimulate their imagination and their dreams.

Family games

Games for adults don’t have to be boring and can certainly be great for the mind. So if you’re looking for games to occupy your minds and ones that you can also involve the family with, click to look at family games. There are also classic games such as chess and board games which can be great and fulfilling. 

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