Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020 (San Francisco, California) – Mr. Steve Muehler, Founder & Senior Managing Member of Private Placement Markets announced today that the Private Placement Markets Portfolio of Companies will Work to Grow its Global ‘Virtual Workforce throughout the Rest of 2020’

According to Mr. Steve Muehler, “the best candidates for a position with your company is not always within driving range of your office. Today, people are looking to maximize every hour of their day, and losing 30 minutes to two hours of a day sitting in traffic is just no longer acceptable. After work hours, and even during work hours activities are growing, opportunities for youths are on the grow, and they are not always during post-work hours anymore. We now have technology that allows us to work just as efficiently from remote locations just as we would if we were all herded up in the same physical location. The Covid-19 Pandemic forced us to seriously look at more employees working remotely, and we took this time to seriously address this and truly design a program that works for us at the corporate level and those at the employee and agent level.”

Mr. Steve Muehler continued to detail that competition for the best candidates is high, and an employer’s tools for attracting the ‘best in class’ in today’s world requires corporate innovation, flex-time, wellness programs, and skill-building opportunities. When it comes to what the employees of today, and tomorrow, really want, it is more autonomy over their work lives, and the comforts of working from home are becoming the best resources.

Mr. Steve Muehler finished the statement that the Private Placement Markets would be starting with ‘virtual interviews’ starting the Summer of 2020.

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