Timestamper: Keep Activity Log with Time and Note



Record category wise exact time of event with DateTime location & Note


Gujarat, Surat 05 May 2020,

All Excellent Apps is excited to announce the launch of a new application that is based on your daily activity log. Timestamper application which is a very one of a kind application for your daily routine.

Simple and easy activity log keeper is here to support you and take care of your numerous issues. Monitor your everyday exercises in a simple manner. Timestamp your Activities which can even help you in creating good habits. Surely, you will love to know all your exercises, having records alongside Datetime, Note. It’s extremely simple to add things and get used to it to maintain your daily habits and routine. 

How it works! well you just have to Add Your activity by simply clicking on “+” from the app main screen. And you will have the category wise activity Log list to select. 

The unique thing about the app is that you can Add Date timestamp, Location, Note for Activities. You can even keep a record of the exact time any activity occurred and also can measure no. of times.

The app will help out to a number of people in lot many ways such as in-keeping record of a new-born baby during Maternity time, keeping a note of your daily food intake as well as your diet plan, keeping a record of your Hospital visits, record your Location of trekking, fishing, exploring, you can also put all details about your Pet Care to track vaccination. 

The CEO of All Excellent Apps company during the launch found saying  “I am happy to launch our new app. called TIMESTAMPER: KEEP ACTIVITY LOG WITH TIME AND NOTE, the app has been created by completely focusing on the public interest, and it did not have been possible without the team which was working behind it for days. I hope that the app will make life easier for the people”.

The app supports on the devices having O.S version 4.3 and up, Having such applications will definitely make your daily routine much easier.


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