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Java is one of the most prevalent programming languages in the IT Industry. It is known for its ability and capability to run on any devices. Thus, Java developers have lots of opportunities. Thus article would tell you about the different career opportunities after the best Java training in Pune.  

What are the different Java career opportunities?

Java is one of the popular programming languages and is the leading in the enterprise back-end market and the Android mobile application development market. There are 9 million Java developers across the globe who continues using Java for its practicality, compatibility reliability and ease of use. There are already plans to introduce new language features. Therefore, Java might as well emerge as the Programming Language of the Year even ten years down the line! So there are many career opportunities that one can get after the best Java training in Pune.

What are the different salary packages for Java developers across the world?

The salary for those developers who have completed their Java training in Pune varies across different countries. In the United States of America, the average salary package for a Java developer would be $ 103,000 with salaries for job postings nationwide being 77% higher than average salaries. Whereas in India, the median totals pay for a Java programmer/developer in India is Rs 436,104 with total cash increasing with experience level. Join in the best Java training in Pune to get adequate training and experiences.

What are the roles that one could get after the best Java training in Pune?

There are several roles that one could start their career in the challenging IT industry given below are the following roles: 

Java Developer

Java Architect

Web Developer

Database Administrator

What are the skills that one could pick up in the best Java training in Pune?

 There are several skills which a Java developer can be competent in and uses his skills

Hot Java Programmer Skills

A top-notch Java programmer will be proficient in certain skills. Given below are the skills which are taught in the best Java training in Pune.

Enterprise Java Beans

Oracle database SQL and JDBC

XML,X query, XSL

J2EE framework


Service Oriented Architecture

Java based Web services

Java Servlet Technology

To summaries, Java is the prevalent programming language amongst most Java developers. One could get several job opportunities after their Java training in Pune.


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