When Online Shopping Becomes the Only Channel

The global spread of COVID-19 has forced people to stay within the safe confines of their homes. As a result, the world economy is experiencing a downfall, and businesses are looking for ways to overcome the challenges. The retail sector is one of the hard-hit areas as lockdown and social distancing measures have halted their growth. For brick and mortar stores, the only way out at this time is to take their businesses online. 


24Seven is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions to unify the offline store operations with the eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Being in the eCommerce delivery space for over a decade, the company has earned the trust of its clients from across the globe. Most of these clients are independent retailers who are facing difficulties while managing the operations of their sales channels. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, it is essential for small retailers to overcome the challenges caused due to nationwide lockdowns and mass quarantines. While starting an online store remains the only option, managing it efficiently is also necessary. 24Seven Commerce, the Silicon-Valley based company, provides affordable Omnichannel solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.


One of the senior executives from C-suite of 24Seven Commerce talked about how their company aids small retailers to keep their businesses up and running during these trying times. He explained  “24Seven’s Integration Services have enabled retailers from over 20 countries to successfully move to global online marketplaces. In addition, they can effortlessly manage their customer data in-sync across all the platforms.” “It gives them the opportunity to focus on other important tasks” he further added.


The main highlight of being a provider of Integration-as-a-Service is that they can integrate any POS with any eCommerce platform or marketplaces. Using their years of experience in this domain, 24Seven Commerce enables customers to view the retailers’ brand across physical and online channels, combines in-store POS, online channels, and order management with existing back-office financial systems. 


As the world is fighting back to normalcy, retailers can take this as an opportunity to fill the gap. They can look for ways to fulfil their customer needs by availing affordable POS solutions from 24Seven Commerce. Along with fulfilling orders, retailers can unlock several other benefits such as elimination of manual data entry, availability of real-time stock levels, offering cross-channel promotions, providing in-store pickups and returns, and reaching a wider customer base.


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