Digital Advertising During The Holidays

The holiday season is the best time to reach out to new and existing customers. Everyone is in a celebratory mood, and, of course, we are looking for the best gifts to share with our loved ones! Considering that it is the busiest time of the year, you can offer the customers a much-needed respite in the form of free home delivery or attractive offers. If nothing is possible, sending out, free Christmas ecards can be a great way to stay on their minds.

Digital Advertising During The Holidays

With digital advertising and marketing, it has become easier to connect with your audiences. However, planning for these digital advertising strategies and marketing campaigns start way before the holidays. Thus, if you wish to stay ahead of the competition, use these killer advertising tips to help you during the holidays:

1. Start Planning Now

Consumers no longer wait for the Black Friday to make their purchase. In fact, they start scouring the internet, scouting for deals days or weeks in advance. Moreover, this hunt continues until Cyber Monday and spills over to the subsequent days. So don’t wait until the holiday rush to ride on the advertising wave and start planning ahead!

The convenience and hassle-free experience of online shopping have driven the popularity of eCommerce stores. However, digital competition has also started to heat up. Advance planning will save up on your advertising budget as you enjoy less expensive CPMs, greater reach, and better ROI.

2. Conduct Keyword Research

Naturally, before you start plastering your ads all over the internet, you need to know what keywords you need to target.

Finding keywords is easy, right?

Actually, no.

If your process includes just adding “Christmas gifts” or “Halloween costume” to your product description, you may just be doing it wrong.

Sure, you have to have a core keyword that is generic enough that the maximum audience will search for it. However, you must also include something that is unique and out of the ordinary to bring your holiday advertising strategy to life!

Remember that several other businesses will target the same keywords, and if you are strapped for resources, you may not be able to give them stiff competition in the long run. Revisit your previous year’s campaign and identify what keywords worked for you best.

3. Launch Holiday or Seasonal Shopping Campaigns

Now that you have the keywords in place, it is time to execute this information.

Shopping ads are the best way to capture the attention of new and old clients. Further, it enhances the shopper’s buying experience by allowing them to make a snap decision on the purchase without traversing through several catalogs and websites.

This convenience gains more value during the holiday season when parents, partners, and family members are already time-starved to purchase gifts or make arrangements. Pair these keyword-driven advertisements with seasonal offers and holiday promos to let them know that it is a limited-time deal.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

Customers are looking to make a purchase, so give them a reason to buy from you!

Holiday season shopping is synonymous with running limited-time deals and advertising campaigns that create a sense of urgency. It is a great way to nudge the buyers who are still on the fence whether they wish to make the purchase or otherwise.

Your website’s landing page is the best place to host such an ad. From setting up countdown timers for hot deals to promotional banners announcing free shipping – there are several ways to achieve this effect. It not only differentiates your product, pricing, or services from that of your competitors but also motivates and rewards them for the purchase.

5. Invest in Paid Social Ads

While several users are looking to use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to connect with friends and family, running ads on this channel can also land you a wider audience base. Social selling is the hottest advertising trend to take over the market, and you should capitalize on it even during the holiday season.

Social media ads allow you to target your audiences at a granular level depending on their age, location, demographics, behavioral patterns, or preferences. While some brands invest heavily in their social media ads, you can make use of a simple photo slideshow maker with music free to get started!

6. Optimize Ads for Mobile Users

More and more people are getting online thanks to mobile devices. So how can you miss out on these audiences? Nearly 57% of shoppers have made a purchase using their mobile phones while shopping over PC and laptops has dropped to 41%.

One of the greatest drivers in the field of mobile shopping is social selling, as we have discussed above. Hence, the advice remains pretty much the same – Make it a point to create mobile-compatible ads and optimize your other ad campaigns to be mobile-friendly.

7. Avoid Ad Fatigue

While everyone is trying to get the most from this holiday season, overexposing your customers could result in a phenomenon known as “ad fatigue.”

Ad fatigue is a result of consumers being bombarded with ads and suggestions that are near about the same. To counter it, you can tone down the frequency with which the ad recurs after a refresh.

An alternative option to break away from ad fatigue is to add a dash of entertainment and creativity in the midst of your ads. Test out the different ad formats, from hilarious videos to viral-worthy GIFs, to make it a part of your marketing campaign. You will be handsomely rewarded for creative and engaging ad copies.

Concluding Thoughts

With digital advertising, it has become easier to reach out and connect with your clients. All it takes is a couple of clicks, and your ad will go live. Alternatively, there is the availability of ad automation to take the pressure off of you.

Pair up your ad campaigns with an effective remarketing strategy to keep new and old buyers in the loop. With these tips, you can harness the true potential of a successful ad campaign.

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