Why People All Over the World Are Losing Financial Trust and Confidence in Their Governments?


With every passing crisis, more and more people are losing faith in their national governments. This is because governments all over the world are being found to be increasingly lacking when it comes to dealing with financial emergencies.

Every time there is a crisis, the mismanagement and bungling of financial issues leads to catastrophic results for the population. The lower income groups (which comprise the majority) are the hardest hit whenever there is a crisis.

In this article, we are going to look at some reasons why people all over the world are losing financial trust and confidence in their respective governments.

The Nexus between Government and Big Money

The Financial Mortgage Crash of 2007-2008 is still fresh in the memory of most people. The government bailed out huge corporations at the cost of tax payer money. In the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, a similar strategy is being pursued.

The Central Banks all over the world to keep the economy running are printing money out of thin air. Many people do not know that this kind of printing leads to a devaluation of their assets, meaning-

  • Your house is not worth as much as it was prior to the crisis.
  • Your deposits in bank accounts and bonds are severely depleted in value.
  • Your investments in company stocks and shares have been wiped out.

Have you noticed how the rich people do not suffer whenever there is a crisis like situation? They always recover, their loans are waived off, and they go back to being millionaires and billionaires. However, have you ever seen loan waivers from banks and financial institutions being accorded to low income groups?

The short answer is Never!

Why the World needs to push Policy Makers to adopt a New Financial System?

The existing economic system of which fiat currencies are the most public representation is farcical. It holds value only because the law states that it does. It is not backed, supported or measured against a gold or silver standard. This leads to severe instances of hyperinflation, every time a group of people get together to print money to overcome a crisis.

For a long time, there has been a subdued clamour for adopting a new financial system, which is crisis resistant and inflation proof. Even though cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins fulfil the two parameters, governments still do not want to pursue them.

There are many reasons for this, ranging from loss of control over the lives of people to not being able to generate sizable revenue every time you make a transaction in fiat currencies. While governments keep shouting from rooftops that they do this to protect the people, experience has shown that normal people are left to dry whenever there is a problem.

What can be done to rid governments of controlling the Financial Aspect of our lives?

In the last few months, many experts and analysts have started advocating for a change to a crypto based financial system. This system is tax proof, and not under the control of any major government. It is run by the people themselves and is not open to manipulations of a select few.

In other words, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are democratic in the true sense of the term. Many normal individuals are turning to investing and saving Bitcoins as a hedge against the rising hyperinflation caused by faulty governmental policies.

In other words, people are turning to Bitcoins in the same way they have historically turned to gold and silver to protect their asset values. People are taking recourse to credible and reputable online trading app to invest in Bitcoins as a safe haven for their assets. It is high time people start to question authorities and secure their lives and livelihoods from manmade and natural disasters. If you are looking to invest in crypto then use https://weedprofitsystemapp.com/