Revealed: The best cars for new drivers

The team at Dayinsure combined multiple data sets including a vehicle’s cost, economy, NCAP safety rating, warranty length, and multiple review scores to determine the best car for new drivers from the bestselling vehicles in the UK.

The Renault Clio has ranked as the best car for new drivers, due to its attractive price, excellent safety rating, top reviews, and also having the longest warranty of the cars that were looked at.

The Volkswagen Polo finished in second place, impressing with its near-perfect review scores, sublime safety rating, and affordable price, proving that it too is an excellent option for new drivers.

The Fiat 500 was named as the worst car for new drivers. This was mainly due to disappointing reviews and mediocre to poor safety ratings. It is, however, the cheapest of the best-selling cars.

Dayinsure’s team had this to say: “Buying their first car is an exciting time for every new driver, and something no one ever forgets. Although what every driver looks for in a car is unique, we wanted to discover which of the 20 most popular car models in the UK would, on paper, make the best option for a new driver.

“The Renault Clio’s stellar rankings across the board make it a worthy winner, and certainly the model we think all new drivers should consider when making a purchase. And, despite the rankings, we are sure any of these 20 vehicles would make a wonderful investment for a new driver, after all, there is a reason they are the most popular cars in the nation!”

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