Ways to Style Women’s Biker Jeans

Also known as moto jeans, biker jeans have transcended over time and continue to hit the market. This type of jeans came in connection with pants of motorcycle riders used as one of their protective gear in case of any spills. Since the style initially began as a protective gear, it is usually heavy and uncomfortable, designed more likely to “function” rather than to be a fashion.

Moreover, because of ever-changing fashion, biker jeans are now available for women who feel like bringing another level of sexy and sleek style in them. If you are planning to show off your personality with style, deviate from the usual fashion, and start pairing your favourite jacket, vest, and shirt with smart-looking biker jeans.

What are the different ways to slay biker jeans?

Deciding what to pair with your jeans might be a challenge if you want a perfect looking outfit for the day. However, biker jeans are not hard to style if you treat it as usual as skinny-style jeans. To give you an idea on how to style biker jeans, this is a list of outfit ideas for you:

  1. Black vest with white tank top: Since biker jeans come with a fierce look, it will also fit on a tough top, such as a black vest, preferably a leather one. Leather tops make the toughest look of all that suits perfectly with grey biker jeans. Make sure to have a white tank top that is low cut to match the vest.
  2. Black leather jacket and scarf: This is the style that you can add in your list of business outfits, though it is on the more casual side. Wear a black top with a leather jacket and add a grey scarf. Get black biker jeans and black leather boots to achieve a fresh look.
  3. Grey shirt: For casual occasions, the grey shirt will look good on darker biker skinny jeans. Pair it with light grey boots if you want a feminine touch.
  4. Striped long sleeve: Aim for that street look with a striped long sleeve, preferably black and white with dark blue biker jeans. It will look good if you have the jeans ripped to give you a stylish but casual look.
  5. Cropped top: If you have a slim waist, and want to achieve a sexy look, have your moto jeans partnered with a white top. Do not forget to top it with pink open heels for a feminine look.
  6. Black blazer: Wear a black blazer on top of a white shirt, pair the two with grey biker jeans, and finish it off with black leather boots.
  7. Leather jacket. The black leather jacket makes the fiercest look of all. It will look more stylish with dark blue biker jeans and black boots.

There are other ways to style biker jeans that you can consider. Feel free to go beyond what is normal and have that unique look you want to achieve.

Why should you try biker jeans?

Biker jeans can give you the perfect tough style you want if you are craving for it. If you have denim, a leather jacket, or even a shirt and want to experiment a bit, pair it with biker jeans and see what these jeans can do. There is nothing wrong with the confidence of trying new styles, and there is nothing wrong with adding biker jeans to your style!