Fashion brands with an animal logo

In order to ensure that customers keep coming back, it is imperative that brands maintain a consistent message – and this can be done through the use of their logo. Through their choice of logo, companies can deliver a clear message along with their values. Every business works hard to set themselves apart from their competitors, differentiating themselves by using strategic branding.

To represent their products effectively, many fashion brands choose to use animals within – or for – their logos. This imagery helps to convey emotions, building a relationship with consumers even before they have bought anything. Depending on the type of animal that they have chosen, a brand can portray themselves as strong, fast, luxurious, mysterious – and many more.

So, which fashion brands use animal symbolism in their logo? And what is the message behind their brand?

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren chose the polo horseman as its symbol to elicit a sense of pride. The logo truly reflects the competitive spirit of the sport and reveals a sense of elitism. Selling apparel, accessories and fragrance collections for men and women, as well as childrens wear and home furnishings, this company is one of the world’s most widely recognised brands – and through their logo choice, they highlight the ‘good life’.


Radley produce leather handbags with craftmanship that signifies British style, and the cute Scottie dog adds charm to every item. The Radley dog was introduced after the company started their search for an icon to represent the playful personality of their brand. When the design was finalised, he was a huge success, and the dog lovers from all over the world fell for him.


When young tennis prodigy René Lacoste was on the court, he showed the determination of a crocodile, and was ferocious in his approach with his opponents. Because of these traits, he was nicknamed ‘the Crocodile’, and from there, the logo was born. It took shape in 1927 and was designed by Robert George. When René Lacoste saw the design, he immediately had it embroidered on his blazers. A few years later, the polos were created, and the logo was also prominent on those items.

Animal symbolism helps to create an emotional connection and can trigger fond memories of potential customers.