The current pandemic situation has made cleaning and sanitization works even more relevant. According to experts, the human body is the biggest carrier of hundreds of species of microbes. When you touch a surface, you get infected with millions of viruses or bacteria within a few seconds. You carry these microbes with you and spread the infection to other human bodies and surfaces whatever you touch. An antimicrobial coating just breaks this chain. The new-age antimicrobial shield can hinder the growth of all types of disease-forming pathogens immediately. Even if someone carrying any deadly virus and touches an antimicrobial coated metal surface, the virus will not spread to that surface.

The implication of antimicrobial shield

An antimicrobial shield is a specially formulated compound that forms an invisible layer on any surface killing trillions of microbes in a few minutes and shielding the surface completely stopping further growth of microbes for at least three months. Antimicrobial coatings are typically applied on door handles, counters, keyboards, keypads, floors and walls, tabletops, HVAC vents, and many other types of surfaces that are frequently touched. In some situations, they are always sprayed onto fabrics, carpeting, gloves, seats, tabletops, books, and some other typical surfaces that are highly susceptible to pathogens. In medical facilities, these coatings are used on various medical devices as well. Having an antimicrobial treatment keeps the facilities safe:

  • Antimicrobial shield treatment keeps the space and devices hygienic, stops the growth of germs, and enhances the confidence of everyone using the facilities.
  • It’s a long-term solution, you no more need to use soap-water or sanitizers every day. Just dusting with a soft brush or cloth becomes sufficient.
  • A long time invested in cleaning and washing every day is saved.
  • It lowers the adverse environmental impact of cleaning in a medical facility where different chemicals are stored and used for different purposes.
  • Not only makes a surface germ-free but also protects it from natural wear and tear to some extent ensuring the longevity of the product.

Antimicrobial shield treatment

Today, citizens of the country from every walk of life and every socio-economic background are realizing the necessity of sanitization. Antimicrobial treatment is an advanced stage of sanitization. In fact, it is sometimes called antimicrobial technology. Skilled people are needed for an accurate rendition of this treatment and long-term effects.

Antimicrobial Coating for Facility

Today, the antimicrobial shield is found to be effective for all sorts of facilities like hospitals, educational institutions, residences, societies, retail shops, showrooms, elevators, and working places.

  • Antibacterial coating for office

Office buildings are highly vulnerable to contagious diseases. Some offices like banks, insurance offices, utility bill payment offices, cooking gas booking offices, etc. remain extremely busy on any working day. Hundreds of visitors touch different surfaces thereby transferring and receiving pathogens in huge quantities. It’s not possible nor feasible to use normal cleaning methods and sanitizers every day as it wouldn’t be cost-effective. With the state-of-the-art antibacterial coating, any office and factory can be kept safe for employees and visitors for at least three months.

  • Antibacterial coating for house

Any residence or residential complex can be sanitized with an antibacterial shield quite effectively. Your living room, kitchen, and bathroom are most susceptible to contagious germs. Once sanitized with the most advanced sanitization technology, you need not sanitize the spaces and articles sanitized every day. Door and doorknobs, window handles and panes, tabletops, computer keypad and mouse, television remote controller, electrical switches, Ac vents, different furniture in the bathroom like drawers and flush buttons, and many other articles in the house are the breeding ground of deadly viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other types of microbes. Antibacterial treatment of these spaces and furniture and fixture can keep everything sanitized for many days.

Antimicrobial Coating for Car

Science has proved that your car gives free ground to at least six hundred different species of microbes to grow. If not checked in time with deep cleaning and sanitization, anybody entering in it gets infected. The only antibacterial coating can solve this problem permanently.

Germ Shield: Most authentic solution for all facilities

Germ Shield antibacterial treatment is the most modern technology for keeping any facility germ free. This invention of Droom can keep any space or surface 99.99% germ-free for three months. On-demand, Droom will send skilled professionals to your place to apply antimicrobial coating. It starts working immediately and give you relief for a long time.