Top 13 Auto Insurance Myths Cracked

When it comes to car insurance, there are lots of stories out there that leave you wondering which of them is true. But don’t worry, that’s why you have us to guide you on the sure path to finding out What’s Really True!

Because we’re committed to your overall safety, here are useful 13 auto insurance tips that will help you become better informed on car insurance.

  1. Cheap means Best

While it’s true that good things could come cheap, it’s also essential to add the word “Not all the time.” Most times, quality doesn’t come cheap. s That said, in the case of damages, fire, or theft, some insurance companies cover these areas. In contrast, some other cover other damages like when your car collides with other vehicles, not minding who was at fault. You can see why it’s crucial to ensure your vehicle with the trusted auto insurance company like theaa that offers different policy types at affordable prices. 

  1. Too Young To Be Insured

This only happens when you’ve not attained the minimum age of those who can drive. In the UK and Ireland, the government says when you’re 16 and 17 years of age respectively, you can be behind the wheels and with an insurance company like, young drivers can get insured seamlessly.

  1. Cheaper Premiums Aren’t Disclosed

This is mostly untrue. Though some Insurance packages can be on the high side but the benefits they come with can be a consolation. After all, value is most essential. That said, it’s illegal for Insurance companies not to disclose their cheaper Premiums. Also, legally they are expected to show you the details of the premium options and allow you to make your choice. 

  1. Third-Party, Theft and Fire

While some have said these three are the minimum covers required by law, you should know that Only the third-party cover is the minimum requirement by law. The norm instead is that third-party, fire and theft makes up the comprehensive package. You then get to make your choice.

  1. Insurance Will Fully Pay For Your Car

Well, irrespective of what you heard about this, we should let you know that your insurer will only pay the value they say your car is worth, especially in a case of a fatal accident. Even in the comprehensive package, the rule still remains.

  1. My Job Title Doesn’t Affect My Quote

When filling in your details, you probably thought it was for the “fun of it.” While we’re not asking you to lie about your job title, you should also be aware that it affects your premium.

  1. Any Driver Can Be The Policy Holder

Wave that thought off as fast as you can because the main driver of a car is expected to be the policy holder. Although you can add an additional driver to your policy, you’re still fully responsible for your insurance under law.

  1. Insurers Must Treat Customers Equally

In a country like Ireland and several others, this rule doesn’t apply. Instead, insurers are permitted by law to charge customers differently based on residence, age, etc. This is in line with section 5(2) of the Equal Status Act, 2000 in Ireland.

  1. Insurance Quotes Don’t Expire

Whoever told you this was sure kidding. An Insurance quote is subject to expiration. However, It could be 30 days or less, depending on the insurer or broker.

  1. A Named Driver Can Build No Claims Bonus?

The answer is an outright NO. It takes the main driver to do so, and a named driver is someone who is insured alongside a car that already has an insured main driver.

  1. The Shade Of My Car Affects My Premium

Don’t believe this at all. Relax, the color of your car doesn’t affect your premium and deductibles. There are more important factors your insurance company considers, beyond the colors of cars.

  1. My Friend Will Use His Insurance If He Crashes My Car

Well he won’t, so you better tell him or her to drive more carefully. The claim for your crashed car will come from your insurance policy.

  1. My Insurance Car Policy Covers Everything

No it doesn’t, the right question should actually be what coverage am I entitled to under the premium I purchased, that’s where the answer lies.

That said, knowledge is power but more importantly, the application of knowledge is where power lies. With this information, we expect that you’ll do things differently, from an informed perspective.

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