Healthy Yeti Launches Plant-Based, Sustainable Omega-3 Alternative

Healthy Yeti has launched their latest product which provides a sustainable way for people to get all the Omega-3 their bodies need.

Typically, people get their Omega-3 from fish.  This is partly why scientists have found those who have a higher amount of fish in their diet tend to live longer and have fewer health problems. Indeed, the Japanese Okinawa islands contain the largest density of people living beyond 100 years old. Scientists believe a large part of that is the large amount of fish in the islanders’ diet. However, some people don’t enjoy the taste of fish, are allergic or maintain vegan or vegetarian diets.

While you can get Omega-3 from plants, but it’s mostly of the ALA type.  This cannot be readily absorbed by our bodies and is mostly treated like normal fats – being used for energy or else stored in our bodies. The types of Omega-3 that have greater health benefits are the DHA and EPA types.  These are what’s found in fish.

This is where Healthy Yeti’s Omega-3 capsules come in.  They’re made from nutrient-rich algae which is 100% plant-based. This means it is perfectly suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those allergic to fish.  Algae is actually where the fish get their Omega-3 from in the first place.  So Healthy Yeti are cutting out the ‘middle fish’ to bring you all the Omega-3 goodness you need, right from the original source.

The algae is grown in purified water, meaning it’s free of toxins and heavy metals that find their way into the fish ecosystem due to pollution that unfortunately affects our marine environment.

It’s not just vegans who are enjoying these capsules. Meat-eaters who are looking to cut back on their intake are also making the switch.  Typically fish oil supplements are used,  but many people are switching because of the strong fishy smell and taste which isn’t the best way to start your day!

Choosing a plant-based option is also beneficial for our planet as it helps to cut down on overfishing and damage to our marine ecosystems.

Healthy Yeti’s wider mission is to help people to be healthier and make a positive change in their lives, making everyday consumable products, sustainably and 100% vegan.

They are soon releasing a natural sleep supplement to support a calm and restful sleep using plant-powered ingredients.

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