5 potential post-pandemic uses for a VW Transporter T5

Months of enforced quarantine have given millions of us plenty of time to mull over what we will do once the current COVID-19 pandemic fades into mere memory. Perhaps you’re eager to go travelling, or even to set up your own business to take advantage of a corporate landscape significantly altered by the virus? 

Whatever you’re planning, it might surprise you how much a VW Transporter T5 van could help you to make it an exciting reality. Here are just a few of the things that you might conceivably use a T5 for as the coronavirus threat lessens.

Family trips

The T5 entered production in 2003 and didn’t leave until 2015, when its successor, the Volkswagen Transporter T6, replaced it. However, the T5 has kept its place in many people’s affections, not least due to its sheer versatility. You can configure the T5 in various ways, and its size can accommodate a whole family.

If you’d love to take a T5 out on family trips, the Honest John website especially advises that you opt for a Combi variant with second-row seating, although used models do fetch premiums.

Road trips

One major incentive to choose a T5 over a traditional car is that the former is delightfully rugged on the road, making this vehicle especially well-suited to long-haul trips.

This is largely due to the T5’s supple suspension, which means that whether you take to a road that is battle-scarred or dotted with speed bumps or ruts, this van is likely to handle such a surface with minimal fuss.


The T5’s resilience on rough terrain also makes it a promising mode of transport for camping trips. If you’re doubtful even now, just look at the instance of one modified T5 highlighted by Australia’s Sunshine Coast Daily. In 2013, the newspaper reported how a T5 had been retooled as an up-to-date Kombi camper van.

The heavy lifting was done by dealership Garry Crick Volkswagen, which left the vehicle with a double bed, a laminate bench top and – for keeping food – storage drawers and compartments and a fridge freezer.


It’s uncertain exactly how the business world will look in the pandemic’s wake, but your T5 could do double duty as both a personal and business vehicle – as is particularly possible with, say, a Kombi model. 

Alternatively, you could plump for the 2014-specification Business version of the T5 noted by BT. That model features built-in Wi-Fi, which can help you to continue working as you are chaperoned on the road.


The aforementioned Business model also happens to be amazingly luxurious – with Nappa leather seating, burr walnut trim and even, between the electrically adjustable seats, a drinks cooler all forming part of the overall package.

Nonetheless, all of that luxury will come at a price, which might be especially felt in your insurance premiums. Modifying your T5 with prestige extras like sound systems can hit you hard in the pocket, although sourcing a specialist policy in VW T5 insurance could help you to appreciably cushion the blow of that expense.