Cannabis is the modern perfume high

Two unique new perfumes containing CBD oil are taking the world of fragrance by storm! Launched earlier this year by international luxury perfume house Fragrance Du Bois and with an olfactory signature that is unique to perfumery, these new creations are sexy, intoxicating and utterly addictive.

Fragrance Du Bois is a name synonymous with the creation of iconic luxury perfumes using the world’s most rare and expensive natural ingredients, including its signature Oud oils, Rose Absolute, Amber and Sandalwood. It seems unlikely that cannabis or marijuana extract should join this illustrious list of ingredients but through the work of the magical perfumers at Fragrance Du Bois, that is exactly what has happened, with amazing results! CBD oil is the oil extracted from legally grown cannabis plants that contain none of the psychoactive properties usually associated with cannabis and marijuana. In fact CBD oil and the myriad of products that now contain it are fast becoming the go to health and wellness supplements of choice for treating a whole range of conditions, with many medical experts now acknowledging its beneficial properties.

Shadi Samra, Head of Perfumery at Fragrance Du Bois, says: “Since our inception we have always sought out new and intriguing notes and on a personal level this is my passion! The starting point was the pure Oud oils and we were one of the first perfume houses to use real Oud oils in commercial perfumes instead of synthetic alternatives. We then moved through the whole spectrum of natural and rare ingredients. Cannabis has been a revelation and we first came across it through research we have been doing into Oud oils, which have similar health benefits to CBD oils. We intended to launch one perfume using Cannabis oils but when it came down to it, we couldn’t choose between the final two! So being an independent perfume house with nothing to hold us back, we launched both!”

He added: “As a fragrance note, Cannabis oil is vaguely floral, with a hint of green, herbaceous earthiness. In both versions, the Blue and the Intense, we added the exact pure Oud oil to balance the Cannabis green note adding richness to its smoky aromatic smell.”

Cannabis Blue is a lighter fresh summery fragrance while Cannabis Intense has a slightly heavier undertone. Each of these fragrances has been a great hit with perfume lovers and customers around the world, bringing a unique new edge to the world of modern perfumery. Fragrance Du Bois is redefining modern perfumery and with its #perfumeredefined, is creating some extraordinary new fragrances to delight perfumistas the world over!

Fragrance Du Bois Luxury Perfume Redefined is a unique sustainable story of vision, passion and creative integrity.

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