How to Select an Ideal PG Accommodation in Delhi?

How to Select an Ideal PG Accommodation in Delhi?

Delhi is a host to multiple schools and colleges, and records huge student migration every year for better higher education avenues. PGs in Delhi are a popular choice for many and there are quite a few options that you can find to fit different price ranges and requirements. But, for a house to feel like home, you need to make some efforts from your end to make it feel comfortable and warm.

Also, one can opt for managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living, where they provide you with a branded accommodation which is well equipped with modern amenities and feels just like home.

Here are the things that one can follow in order to find your perfect PG in Delhi:

Plan It Out

Plan well in advance what place exactly in the city, you want to shift to. Then look out for the potential PGs in that particular area. You can also check out managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living, who have a strong network of professionally-run accommodations in very popular areas and will fit in your budget.

Keep Your Choices Open

Before you visit a site, make sure you have a few options. Many times, the property doesn’t turn out to be exactly like what it was explained to you by the dealer or the reality doesn’t match the pictures that were displayed on the website. Scout around to find the best PG in Delhi to stay in, which in turn fulfills all your requirements. Don’t just settle for the first one you see, ‘hunt for the best fit’.

Inquiry is Critical

Enquire before you move into the property, and the best respondents would be the inhabitants of the house who are now living in that place or even the neighbors. These individuals will offer you the necessary responses to every one of your queries related to the house, likewise, they may tell you about the landowner also.

Check the Amenities

Do check the things referenced in the agreement. At times, the proprietor guarantees you certain things and may pass them up in the last agreement. Check if food, house help, power charges, water charges, power back-up, and different things that have been settled upon at first, are included in the agreement.


This must be a great concern for you and your parents since you are no longer going to have the food cooked at your home and it’s difficult to survive without the same. Concerns like hygiene, taste, nutrition rate, etc. boggle our minds and may leave us worrying about the same. Though some of the best PGs in Delhi provide food, and the cost is included in the rent itself, but often you might end up eating out because it’s not what you’d like to have or it may not match your taste buds. Here in such cases, a person should opt for managed accommodations where food of your choice is cooked in hygienic conditions, and everything related to your nutrition as well as craving concerns are taken care of. Check Website:


Security is another very important aspect to be taken into consideration, Traditional PGs do not have 24/7 security guards at the premises, or are equipped with CCTV cameras. Things like biometric access might also be missing. Managed accommodation providers consider your security as their primary duty and all of their accommodations are well equipped with the necessary requirements in order to provide you the safest experience possible. Also, a person should talk about the same in advance to the landlord and ask to arrange the security measures before finalizing the deal and moving in.

These are a few points that are to be taken into consideration to find an ideal PG in Delhi.