How To Breeze Through Your Freshman Year


Does the thought of entering college excite you? Well, it should! It is that one time in your life where you get to start afresh. Regardless of what position you held in the school before this or your previous results, these things might not necessarily apply when you go to college. As such, entering college provides you with a clean slate while also nurturing your independence and working on your decision-making skills which will be carried on into your adulthood. 

However, how you choose to act during your first year in college will have an impact on the rest of your college experience. This is true whether you are taking it courses in singapore or social sciences. As such, here are a few tips to help make the rest of your college life a memorable and enjoyable one. 

  • Never skip orientations

Even if there is more than one orientation prepared for you, you should not skip it. Yes, the programs and school tour might be repetitive but it gives you the opportunity to better familiarise yourself with the campus while interacting with new people. By familiarizing yourself with the campus and people around you, the place would not feel as daunting as you thought it would be. 

  • Make friends

It is important to get to know your roommate and the other people living in your residence hall. Mixing with people who are going through the same experience creates a sense of bond or safety net. You will not feel alone during this journey. It is good to know the people you live with as it is good to have people there to help you in times of need too. What’s more, these people will be your foundation for the rest of your college life. 

  • Never skip class

As tempting as it is to sleep in and skip a lesson, never do it. Some of us might think, ‘what’s so bad about skipping a class’? Missing a lesson means that you miss out on valuable information and knowledge being shared by your professor. Not only that, but you also lose out on the discussions that happen in class too. Not to mention, this one-time stint could eventually turn into a recurring habit. 

As such, if you are able to choose the timings of your classes, pick one that suits your body clock the best. 

  • Get to know your professors

Professors are not people you should be intimidated by. Instead, they are very friendly individuals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and getting to know you better. Whenever you have doubts, it is always a good idea to raise a question. If you are shy to speak up in front of everyone in the class, drop your professor an email and ask for consultations. They would be more than willing to meet you and help you out. Also, your professors can be people you turn to when you feel like you need someone to confide in as well. 

  • Manage your time well

As intriguing as it is to join a party and party all night long, you have to still be able to manage your time wisely. Learn how to say no and prioritize your studies too. It is good to take note of the important dates of your lab sessions or examinations. This can easily be done with a handy-dandy journal or, there are many free applications available for you to use on your mobile devices. Such applications include Office 365 or even the already instead calendar function on your device. 

It would be a terrible idea to not have any idea of when your examinations are coming up and not study for it. Manage your time well so that you would not only be able to play hard but study hard too. There has to be a balance. 

  • Know your academic advisers

When it comes to course registration or the act of adding or dropping modules, you should know who your academic advisers are. This is because they are the ones who manage modules and can help you out when you need them. 

  • Be actively involved on campus

The campus is where you will be living for the next four years. As such, there should be a sense of belonging and community while you are there. The best way to gain such a feeling is to be active on campus. Join a committee or a sports club. Attend the various social events that they have prepared for you so that you can mingle and meet with new people while strengthening existing friendships. Other than that, you can also pick up skills during the process which can be beneficial in the long run. 

  • Study hard and aim high

It is always good to have good grades isn’t, it. Set goals for yourself to work towards. That would give you a direction while motivating to try harder. It is also a good idea to join study groups or meet up with like-minded friends and study together. It makes the process of studying much more enjoyable and gives you a community to bank on and turn to when you need help with a question or understanding a concept. 

The school has many learning labs and tutors readily available to help you too. These are some places you can turn to when you need additional help as well. 

  • Remember to care for yourself

As important socializing and your studies might be, there must be time taken to focus on yourself. Set aside days for rest and relaxation. Reflect on your day and what you have done. Remember to have a balanced diet and eat properly. Additionally, it is very important to have enough sleep. The lack of sleep not only affects your health but can also affect your concentration levels. If you ever feel sad or down, turn to someone, and do not keep it within yourself. There are people on campus who can help you, such as your friends or counselors. 


With all this being said, we hope that you have an enjoyable time in college. Make the most out of it and experience as much as possible. Remember to prioritize your time well so as to be able to play and work hard!

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