Better Choices, Better Health with Club Corona

According to the latest statistics; 1 in every 3 children, and nearly 2 of every 3 adults in the UK are overweight or obese, putting many at risk of complications or unnecessary death should they contract Covid-19.

The government’s recent announcement on its new obesity strategy linking it to “beating coronavirus” includes plans on banning TV and online adverts, ending “buy one get one free” promotion deals for high salt, sugar and fat foods, plus calorie labelling on restaurant menus.

Tailored to suit the varying needs of the general population, The Fit Box was quick off the mark to set up an online hub called ‘Club Corona’, specifically for members to stay fit and connected throughout lockdown.

Starting with a free live exercise schedule which ran from March to July, Club Corona continues to offer a lifeline to many people in terms of supporting mental and physical health.

Education provider and small group training club, The Fit Box, has continued serving its members and the wider community during the global pandemic via a series of online exercise classes and live workouts.

For the past 10 years, The Fit Box has coached members from its studio gym in Bracknell. Now, due to recent events, the team has shifted its focus to helping people as much as possible using the digital tools available.

Paul Russell, founder The Fit Box says “Over the last 5 months, our workouts have reached tens of thousands of people around the globe, delivered by our excellent personal trainers. We are forever grateful for the generosity and commitment shown by all of our supporters during this time and we are now ready to move into the next phase of Club Corona, in line with the UK government’s Better Health Campaign.”

Paul Russell has pledged his time, every day, for the next 12 weeks to guide and educate anyone who is serious about achieving sustainable weight loss.

Throughout July, Russell has been eating and drinking high sugar and fat content to reach physical obesity himself, in order to fully empathise with those taking part.

Russell continues “There are no sales, no special shakes or potions, and no strings attached – we simply want to help people make better choices in order to live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives”.

For their own benefit and to keep track of results, participants will be guided throughout a series of videos to write down the following information for future reference only:

  1. weight, height and waist circumference
  2. realistic and achievable fitness goals
  3. to do list / action plan

Measurement reviews will be taken on 24th August, 24th September and 22nd October and participants can choose if they wish to share their results with the group.

Anyone looking to take part and start a new path to better health, contact or head over to the facebook page and search for ‘teamfitbox’ where the first of many videos in the programme can be viewed.

About Paul Russell

Founder of The Fit Box, Paul is responsible for developing bespoke fitness education and training solutions alongside the day to day running of one of the UK’s first Small Group & Personal Training Clubs. With a passion for the format, developments and options available within small group training, Paul is skilled in coordinating and planning multiple bespoke training programmes. Paul works with a broad range of clients, educating, supporting and training to help them achieve success and develop new skills.

About The Fit Box

For over 10 years, The Fit Box has delivered small group training and education within the local community and to fitness professionals.

Built on community, inclusion and innovation, The Fit Box developed the UK’s first professional Small Group Training qualification in 2013 which is supported by Active IQ & CIMSPA and delivered to members of the fitness community, organisations, local authorities, training providers and the general public.

Alongside regular classes, The Fit Box comprises a team of Personal Trainers, with a broad ranging skit set including Yoga, New & Expectant Mums, Performance Training, Body Composition, Mobility Development, Kettlebell Training & Padwork.

In usual circumstances, Personal Training is available at the club or at your home, place of work or other mutually agreed locations. Visit for further details

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