Best platforms for e-commerce website

E-Commerce development – a term that most entrepreneurs google at some point in their business’ lifetime. You understand that it’s time to move your showcases to the online audience. You know that it is the Internet where most people go shopping in this busy and hustling reality of today. First of all, remember – the success of your E-Commerce solution is defined by the technology stack, team professionalism, your awareness of the market, and…. your E-Commerce platform.

Your team of developers can help you to evaluate the pros and cons of all solutions, and that’s the best way of making a choice. First of all, they have more experience. Secondly, their performance will vary on different platforms, and they know that. However, it’s healthy to know more about the array of choices. We will tell you about 3 E-Commerce platforms of different scope. 


If you need something easy to use and at the same time containing many plugins, WooCommerce is the right choice. Not only it is affordable but it also supports complex integrations with the most strategic payment getaways like PayPal and Stripe.

However, WooCommerce does not work by itself, as it is basically a WordPress plugin, which is a smooth and flexible CMS, created mostly for blogs. However, with WooCommerce, it can grasp even the world of online trade.

Among the pros of this platform are SEO compatibility, free design themes, simple interface, great customer support, in-built subscription payments, and the guarantee that they will turn your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the system.


Open-source platform with powerful community, 75 inbuilt languages, and security systems – do not think it means you will have to give away perceptible sums of money to get all of it. As soon as Prestashop is open-source, you will have to hire developers who can code or can learn to code in that. Great news – this platform is easy to use, and it means that it has a low learning curve, making Prestashop devs more affordable to different budgets. 

What’s more, you get free themes and integrations, just like with WooCommerce – only there will be no need to get to the grips of WordPress. Anytime you create some feature in your mind, there’s a chance Prestashop already has suitable modules for it. If not – no problem, your developers will be able to code it from scratch. At least, SapientPro will, and if you need some help with E-Commerce – contact us, don’t hesitate.


It contains all necessary in-built features and even more than that. Magento provides analytics tools, flexible tools for managing prices, bonuses, discounts, and other offers. The platform has PCI compliant payment solutions. That is a standard that ensures that all participants of the platform who accept, process, and store the credit card info will maintain security. Moreover, Magento has a great community support with all guides, conferences, and forums. 

This is a truly powerful E-Commerce platform, allowing all scales of business to flourish in the online world. Small project? Great, as Magento is open-source, meaning free. Large business? Then you can purchase their Magento Market place with additional plugins and extensions. Whatever you choose, be prepared for Magento developers’ rates to be higher than the average. However, it’s worth it.

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