Slots that you must first read about before betting

Oh, online slots! Can you imagine a world without them? We certainly can’t, and the fact that they have only been around for under two decades is testimony to how quickly they have captured the public gambling imagination. The story all starts just over a century ago, when a man called Charles D. Fey invented the Liberty Bell slot machine, something that very quickly revolutionised the world of gambling. 

It wasn’t until the turn of the century that online slots were given a platform to exist, however, with developers such as Eyecon, NetEnt and Microgaming leading their development. These days the online slot formula is more or less the same, however there are still games at that break the mould slightly! Read on for some slots that you must first read about before betting. 


Inspired Gaming are a relatively new company to the online slot development world, and so people were understandably wary about their games when they first started up. That all changed with the release of Centurion, however, an incredibly complex slot game that ended up being met by complete and utter pandemonium on its release a few years ago. 

This is an Ancient Roman themed slot, and the first thing to say is that the graphics are completely and utterly incredible. But the reason why we recommend you read about it first is that its bonus features are plenty and quite complex. Doing your bit of research before playing will ensure you make full use of their potential! 

Immortal Romance 

By today’s standards Immortal Romance is a pretty old online slot, however this Microgaming classic has certainly lived up to the test of time, as it is still played pretty extensively today. On the face of it this slot game is nothing special, operating on the classic 5 reel platform, but there is more to it than that… 

The reason why we would recommend reading about Immortal Romance before playing is because it will greatly increase your overall enjoyment of the plot if you know a little bit about the narrative first. Oh yes, this vampire themed slot is also a story, nice! 

Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix 

Pretty much any online slot enthusiast will have at least heard of the monumentally successful Rainbow Riches franchise, something that helped to catapult slot machines into a new realm of popularity. Well, Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix combines all of the best bits from the previous Rainbow Riches games all into one whole, and you even have the chance to choose your selection of bonus features.

And in actuality this is why we would suggest reading up about Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix before you start playing, so you can choose the best combination of bonus features for you. 

Mega Joker 

Mega Joker is widely touted as the online slot with the best RTP, with a theoretical score of 99%. But beware! This is only true if you are betting in the largest increments.