Are LED Lights Suitable for Outdoors?

LED lights are often regarded as the future of lighting, offering an energy-saving alternative to traditional lights that save you money and help the environment.

But while LED lights are popular indoors, we’re often asked whether they’re suitable for outdoor use.

The short answer is yes. In this article, we’ll explore why LED lights are suited for outdoors.

What Are LED Lights?

So what are LED lights, and what are the main benefits of using them in your home or commercial property?

LED lights (or light emitting diodes) are a modern source of artificial lighting that emits light when electricity is passed through a diode. They have a number of benefits that make them an attractive alternative to traditional lighting systems, especially for outdoor use.

Here are the major benefits using of LED lights:

  • They’re energy-efficient: LED lights use up to 90% less energy than traditional light bulbs.
  • They’re cost-efficient: While LED lights cost more upfront, they’re fantastic energy savers, which saves you money on electricity costs.
  • They’re long lasting: High quality LED lights can last up to 30 years.
  • They produce instant light: LEDs light up instantly when switched on; they don’t need time to warm up.
  • They’re environmentally friendly: As they use 90% less energy than traditional light bulbs, LED lights are better for the environment and are adopted by businesses looking to promote a green working culture.

What Makes LED Lights Suitable for Outdoor Use?

These benefits are the same whether you install LED light inside or out. Installing LED lights outside also saves money on your energy costs, and produces a more environmentally friendly atmosphere.

On a more practical level, you might be wondering if LED lights can cope with outdoor installation in the same way that traditional lights can. The answer is yes.

Outdoor LED lights are very robust, they’re weatherproof and are built to survive the outdoor elements.

LED lighting provides a higher light quality than traditional lights, allowing you to illuminate large outdoor areas safely at night. If you need lighting to be on throughout the night, you’ll quickly recuperate the costs thanks to their energy-saving capacity. Plus, the lights won’t need replacing for many years.

Where Can LED Lights Be Deployed Outside?

LED lights have a fantastic array of outdoor uses, and they can be installed in a range of styles and designs to meet many different requirements.

On a small scale, LED lights can be installed outside homes and properties, either as garden lights or as security lights in driveways.

They’re more commonly found in industrial or commercial capacities. Bright LED lighting is installed in car parks to keep parking bays securely and safely lit all through the night.

It’s used in airports for similar uses, allowing large areas to be brightly lit for much better visibility, which leads to a safer working environment.

Football grounds and sports stadiums often have large LED lighting systems that brightly illuminate the pitch at night, and offices and warehouses have smaller scale LED lighting systems in their car parks or for security reasons.

There are many more places that make excellent use of outdoor LED lighting systems, especially in an industrial or commercial capacity.

What Colours Can Be Used for Outdoor LED Lighting?

One of the great things about LED lights is the range of colour temperatures available. Colour temperatures are a way of assessing the warmth of the lighting, ranging from warm yellows up to bright whites and blues.

LED lights are produced across the colour spectrum, but for outdoor use the most popular colours are bright whites or bright blues, both of which allow large spaces to be effectively illuminated with much brighter light. A good example of this is LED lighting found in car parks and at football stadiums.

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