Why you should buy a Dog Proof Cat Litter Box

When you live with both a pet dog and a pet cat it could well be worth thinking about a dog-proofed cat litter tray.

Products like these are designed to keep dogs out so that your kitty can do its business in peace. There are so many on the market it can be a challenge knowing which one is going to be the best suited to meet your cat’s needs.

To help you buy a dog proof litter box you need to find a list of Top Picks.

Pooches getting into a cat’s litter box or tray and eating the kitty’s litter is gross and needs to be stopped. The problem is that a lot of dogs love this and some even go about “stalking” the cat box. They then wait for your cat to finish and leave.

Why dogs eat litter

You might have thought that those dogs that eat cat litter need something added to The real reason a dog eats cat litter, which is more often than not the clumping variety, is because it tastes good to the dog.

Dogs like it because cats are carnivores and often need a higher protein diet than canines. This means that their waste contains a richer material than that whioch is found in dog waste. As a result, it can be very tasty as a snack as far as the dog is concerned.

The practice of eating poo is known scientifically as Coprophagia. It is common for dogs and can be considered normal behavior in some situations. Mother dogs naturally consume their pups’ waste. It is to keep the nest clean. Also, many puppies naturally go through a phase when they are keen to explore everything they find with their mouths. This means sometimes ingesting various non-food items, including another animal’s feces.

Over time, most pups learn that food tastes better than waste. But some dogs never stop.

For the majority of dogs, the ingesting of the tasty cat poo in the litter tray is their goal. The fact they also ingest the cat litter as well is a secondary if related matter.

Is eating cat litter dangerous to dogs?

People worry that eating kitty litter can make their dogs sick. Some owners even wonder if kitty litter has the power to kill a dog. Dog owners must come to understand what their dogs snack on.

Among the many types of cat litter that are available on the market are the following:

  •         Non-clumping clay litter
  •         Clumping or “scoopable” litter, which is sometimes available in lightweight versions
  •         Corn-, Pine-, or Wheat-based litter
  •         Paper-based litter
  •         Silica bead, also known as crystal litter

Research indicates that none of these ingredients in litter products is technically “toxic” to dogs. But, eating cat litter can be quite dangerous for dogs in several ways.

It’s unlikely that eating litter causes toxicity damage to a dog’s major organ systems but it can lead to:

  • Upset stomachs
  • Intestinal obstructions
  • Constipation
  • Dental issues.