Benefits of Passing Microsoft MS-100 Exam and Earning Relevant Certification

The Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert certification is among the role-based credentials that equip individuals with the knowledge to plan, implement, and monitor products as well as services on the Microsoft 365 portfolio. Getting this badge is a bit challenging as you will need to pass two related exams with codes MS-100 and MS-101 and also will have to comply with Microsoft requirements to be entitled to sit for these assessments. The vendor’s requirements imply that you must possess one of the five Microsoft role-based badges of the associate level or you can simply have the Microsoft AZ-500 Azure Expert credential to be considered for the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert. What is more, MS-100 and MS-101 will cost you $165 each and will require intensive exam preparation.As such, you can easily be discouraged by all these challenges. Thus, this guide will outline some of the benefits that you can enjoy when you finally become accredited. Keep reading to find out.

Why Pass MS-100 and Get Microsoft Certified?

Many IT practitioners have attributed their successful careers to being Microsoft accredited. This is due to the reasons outlined below:

  • A Microsoft badge is the key to maintaining professional relevance

Microsoft ensures that their certification program is frequently upgraded and that’s why it has unveiled role-based certifications and obviously, the Microsoft 70-412 Practice Test – PrepAway Expert credential is one of them. Constant upgrading happens to ensure that exam objectives are focused on the latest trends in tech. Therefore, having such a badge guarantees that you are in line with the latest innovations in the industry, which improves your career relevance.

  • Improved work efficiency

As you already know, Prepaway Download Here from Site Expert needs acing two tests that will equip you with the technical competency required to carry out this Microsoft 365 related role. This theoretical knowledge coupled with years of practice will for sure improve your work performance, which in its turn, can lead you to other career benefits like an improved salary.

  • Career prospects and promotions

Since many prospective employers use IT certifications as a baseline for recruiting, being the Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert badge holder sets you apart from your peers and gives you a priority to occur for jobs or promotions.

  • Becoming a member of a professional community

Career success is mostly attributed to having good professional networks, which are formed from being members of a similar professional association such as the Microsoft Tech Community. Through these networks, practitioners find job opportunities, commence partnerships, find mentors, and become instructors. All these contribute to future career growth.


In summary, Microsoft 70-463 Practice Test Dumps Questions – PrepAway is a great way to gain a deeper knowledge of the Microsoft 365 concept besides boosting your career. Microsoft has done its part in ensuring that exam objectives of MS-100 are comprehensive and up-to-date. In addition to that, this vendor has also provided effective prep for its Download From Here. This has made it easier for you to earn the View to Learn Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. It’s now your turn to commit yourself to attain it and stand a chance to enjoy the benefits mentioned above.