Is Kefir Better Than Yoghurt Or Vice Versa?

Is Kefir Better Than Yoghurt Or Vice Versa?

Kefir is becoming more and more popular with each passing minute. In just about every grocery you shop in, you’re bound to find a bottle of kefir in the chilled aisle. Read on as we dive into whether kefir or yoghurt is better than the other.

Kefir has a thinner liquefied surface texture when compared to yoghurt hence they are quite similar. However, both are filled to the brim with probiotics that are beneficial to both the digestive system and the stomach. In some instances, they can both be used at different periods and sometimes one is better suited for a particular situation than the other. If you like to check out kefir products go to this URL.

Both kefir and yoghurt can be used for making granola and smoothies. Yoghurt is widely known and very popular in the United States while kefir is now coming on stream. However, when deciding between both, there are some important things that you’ll need to consider.

Kefir is known for having three times the probiotics than traditional yoghurt. In order to mass-produce kefir, the milk used is firstly fermented. During the fermentation process, yeast is combined with either 10 or 20 different types of probiotic bacteria. In the case of regular yoghurt, only a couple of different types are used.

Since kefir has a much higher probiotic count than yoghurt, it is widely considered as being better for the immune and the digestive system. Additionally, kefir is sourer in taste when compared to yoghurt that comes in just about any flavour that you can imagine. The beneficial bacteria found in yoghurt is essential and provides a source of food for your gut bacteria. It even serves for the purpose of keeping the digestive system clean.

The bacteria found in the yoghurt is better known as transient bacteria since it simply passes through your digestive tract. When it comes to kefir, the bacteria usually colonize the digestive tract. While yoghurt comes in a series of different consistencies, you can easily change the consistency of both kefir and yoghurt by easily draining the whey from it.

When you drain the whey from yoghurt, it becomes as thick as Greek yoghurt. If you increase the drainage time, you’ll get a special type of yoghurt cheese known as labneh. When the whey is drained from the kefir, it produces a substance that is easy to move with a spoon or you’ll get a spreadable cream cheese version. You can even get hard cheese depending on how long you drain the kefir and the process that you used.

How To Use Kefir And Yoghurt

While both are easy and ready to eat and are widely available in the grocery store, those who’re lactose intolerant should avoid dairy. While there are alternatives for dairy such as oats, coconut, and even soy products that are all healthy. However, those who are intolerant to lactose are often able to consume fermented products.

In essence, this means that they can use yoghurt and kefir safely. This occurs since fermented products tend to have much less lactose than unfermented products. Both yoghurt and kefir can be easily made at home from starter cultures and there are tons of credible suppliers found online.

In order to make kefir, a person must first ferment milk or other liquids with the kefir grains. Once the substance is strained and the grains are removed, they can be used again for another batch. Hence, this is one of the most cost effect ways to maintain the supply of kefir if need be.

While kefir and yoghurt can be eaten or drank in the same form that they are bought, some people tend to prefer using them for sweet and healthy treats. People tend to often prefer these in smoothies and breakfast cereals. However, it is important that neither yoghurt nor kefir is heated since the heat damages the bacteria.

When these items are bought, they should be kept in the fridge and not be used after the expiry date. While it is often advised that persons on antibiotics should not consume dairy, kefir can still be used. This comes from the fact that since there are more probiotics in kefir, the digestive system can easily be replenished. Antibiotics tend to usually destroy most of the bacteria in the system as they fight off illness.

If you’re thinking about purchasing kefir or yoghurt that is flavoured, you might want to think what brand you use since these tend to be filled with sugar. So, if you’re trying to stay healthy, you’ll need to reconsider the brand and opt for something that is plain. Plain kefir or yoghurt doesn’t need to be boring and can be spiced up with your own flavourings.

As we conclude we have just looked at a comparison on both yoghurt and kefir. When it comes to which is truly the better option, most think that kefir is better since it is filled with more microorganisms. However, the best depends on you and your individual needs!