3 Delivery Problems Customers Hold Against You

With the increase of online shopping tricks such as saving your credit card number online or the Amazon’s favorite click to buy option, the typical webshopper doesn’t waste time with their online purchases. If you already know what you want to order, it can take less than a minute to complete the purchase online. At which point, all that’s left is the delivery. Unfortunately for a lot of e-commerce companies, the ease order process creates unrealistic delivery expectations. Customers want it all and they want it now, preferably as soon as they’ve cleared the online basket. 

While customers try to remain reasonable, they are unlikely to be forgiving for any delivery issues. As far as shoppers are concerned, the item belongs to them from the moment the click to buy it. Anything that stands between their intent to purchase and the delivery of the goods is the responsibility of the business. Should it not meet their expectations, your unhappy customers are unwilling to compromise. Negative reviews, canceled orders, public complaints left on social media platforms, and refund requests can be caused by delivery problems that customers hold against you. In short, it’s time to avoid these delivery no-nos. 

You withheld the delivery costs until the last minute

Ideally, delivery costs should be clear to every potential shopper. Nobody wants to go through the process of filling the basket and getting ready to pay amount x, only to discover that the company has withhold sharing delivery costs. Wait, how much do I have to pay for that? Unexpected delivery cost is one of the main reasons behind abandoned baskets. Ideally, the basket should be updated throughout the purchase process with the estimated shipping costs. That’s precisely why warehouse professionals need to use scales such as www.arlynscales.com in their inventory control and shipping process. The e-commerce basket can use weight data to update costs as you shop. 

The delivery didn’t arrive on time

Delivery challenges are more frequent than businesses care to admit. However, customers don’t see kindly to delays, especially when they’ve been told when and where to expect their parcels. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a delivery van that doesn’t turn up on time. Whether the driver got lost on the way or parcels have been put on the wrong truck, it can be frustrating for customers. More often than not, including a tracking number to the shipping confirmation email can avoid many issues. Customers can check on the status of their delivery in real time, and adjust as they see the delivery will not happen on time. While it doesn’t alleviate all frustration, it can ensure your customers don’t waste a day waiting for a delivery. 

You deliberately didn’t inform the customer about shipping delay

Picture the scene. The delivery that was promised today hasn’t arrived. Your customer gets in touch to find out where it is, only to discover that the item is still in production. They are furious, and rightly so. Customers want to be kept in the loop as per www.successful-blog.com when problems occur that impact their order. The last thing they want is to discover too late something the business has known all along (and chose not to share). 

How does a customer react when their delivery becomes a problem? They lash out to take back control, which means the business is likely to lose one customer. However, if you ensure that customers are always in control and in the know, you can avoid a negative backlash!