Sticky bonuses slot feature explained

One of the best things about the modern online slot industry is the fact that there are now a myriad of slot developers that are all trying to attract as many gamblers as they possibly can to their games. This naturally results in some incredibly forward thinking and innovative games that combine new technology with pioneering game concepts and mechanics. If only Charles D. Fey could see what his Liberty Bell invention has resulted in… 

In fact, if it were not for developers like NetEnt or Big Time Gaming consistently coming up with new ideas we aren’t sure whether or not the online slot industry would be anywhere near as successful. One of the coolest new developments has been the widespread popularity of something called sticky bonuses at Dream Jackpot. Read on for an article on sticky bonuses slot feature explained. 

What is a sticky bonus? 

So then, first things first, what on Earth is a sticky bonus? Well, sticky bonuses can come in various different shapes and sizes, however they usually come in the form of sticky wild symbols. But what does this mean? Well, where a wild symbol can only appear once on the reels at any one time, a sticky wild can stick on the reels as the other icons spin.

What this means is that gamblers can make huge wins again and again, as the wild symbols lock in place, meaning that several spins can be made with the wild icon on the reels. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why they have been met with such happiness, does it? 

History of sticky bonuses 

Next up, let’s explore the history of sticky bonuses. As some of you may already know, it was a man called Charles D. Fey who ended up inventing the world’s first Liberty Bell slot machine all the way back in the late 1800s The technology in these days was severely limited, and there was absolutely no chance of sticky bonuses being invented back then. 

In fact, sticky bonuses actually only became possible after the RNG was invented during the 1980s, because without this slot machines still worked on a mechanical set of reels. You cannot stick one symbol in place whilst the other reels spin on a mechanical set of reels, so sticky bonuses only really became a thing during the age of video slots. 

Positives to sticky bonuses 

How many times have you been spinning the reels of your favourite online slot, encountered a wild symbol but not actually been able to take full use of it? It happens very often, however with sticky wilds the bonus symbol will be able to stick in place for far longer than just one spin. 

This is the main positive to sticky bonuses, and one that simply cannot be ignored. 

Future of sticky bonuses 

The sky’s the limit for the modern online slot industry, and we expect developers to put more and more effort into making sticky bonuses as exciting as possible.