How You Should Sell Your Property In Terms Of Quality Control

Just like every business project, selling a house has to be driven with the intent to keep quality control as high as possible. There are numerous ways to achieve this and we shall explore some of the most popular ways. Quality control of your home can only be done if you are able to adapt to the standards that are required. These standards are set by real estate agents, the market, inspectors and a whole host of other bodies in the real estate industry. Property is a large sector and not all the rules for other property types apply to the home. So home sellers need to read up on the things that are expected of them.

Planning permission

You have to realize that many home buyers you meet, won’t be buying your home to settle into. Many will be seeing your home as a potential project. Flipping homes is a very lucrative industry and part of it is to find properties that have potential. Even if your home is ‘developed’ if there is room in the garden to expand or build a conservatory, swimming pool, greenhouse or garden house, then it has more stored value than most other homes. That’s why you should ask your local authorities if you can have planning permission for most if not all of the potential expansions. This may take time to get approved and it may cost money, but once you have the approval papers, you can include them into the sale of the property to entice developers and affluent buyers.

Transferring the titles

What can put people off your property is the complexity of purchasing it. But, with a good and trusted property conveyancing solicitor this is no problem at all. They know what lies ahead in terms of transferring the title and the deed of the property to the buyer. They will handle the exchange of contracts, making sure that both parties are on the same page. You don’t have to sell a property and perhaps months from now, have the buyer come back and sue you for not adding or including something in the contract. They will also do a number of searches, such as flood risk, water authority and fossil fuel extractions that are happening nearby such as mines. This is so the general peace and serenity of the property is not disturbed by external forces or at least is made aware of to the buyer. 

Property inspection

Having an internal inspection is just as important as the exterior. You need to hire a property inspector who can properly scour your home for any issues that need to be fixed. This could be old tiles for the roof that need to be replaced, mold or mildew hiding behind the decor, cracks in the ceiling or the condition of the staircase, etc. They will be the ones to give you’re a full bill of health and thus, boost the overall value when it comes to setting a price. 

Hiring the best conveyancer is very important so nothing comes back to bite you. But, getting several planning permissions could also help affluent buyers and property flippers make a generous offer.