Things That You Don’t Know About the Internet Service

If you are born in the late nineties in Lykens, Pennsylvania, you might not be aware of the time before the birth of the Internet. Today, you probably use the internet almost every day for many reasons without any obstacle, thanks to so many 17048 internet providers. But things were not the same before.

If you are an 80’s kid, you would probably understand the term “dial-up connection”. And if you are a bit older, then you probably have communicated through fax machines and snail mails. In the last 30-35 years, the Internet has come a long way, which is incredibly impressive. However, the previous ten years are the most critical. The innovations are on their top-speed, as a result, more and more machines are being introduced every day.

Today, your watch not only tells you the time but also monitors your heart rate, tells you the weather, and allows you to pick, receive calls. No matter which movie or sitcom you want to see, you can watch it on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other portals on the go. This is only possible because of the Internet.

Unknown Facts About The Internet

Simply put, the Internet has changed the way we live our lives. Irrespective of our locations, it has stormed each life so effectively that it’s now hard to manage daily routine without the help of the Internet.

Despite the fact, do we know everything about the Internet? Well…many of us don’t. Many still do not even know some common facts about it. In this article, we are going to share those. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

World Wide Web (www) And Internet Are Different Things

Many believe that www and the Internet are the same things, but technically, they aren’t. The term internet refers to a global network of computers. Within this network, anyone can establish a communication with another computer (provided they speak a similar language). Languages are nothing but the protocols that are used for communication.

Word wide web is a mean through which the communication is done with the help of hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). The Internet has many other protocols such as FTP, BGP, IMAP, DNS, and more.

Google Isn’t The First Search Engine

A lot of us do not know that before Google, there were a couple of search engines that were on the boom. An engine named Archie was the very first search engine that was introduced, and it was launched in 1990. After some years, the search engines called veronica and jughead entered the business. Unlike Google, they were not so easy and user-friendly. Ultimately, Google won the race and today; it’s a giant in this industry.

Around 4.3 Billion People Used Internet In 2019

It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true that within just 30 years span, the Internet hit nearly 56% of the total global population in 2019. Back in 1995, the number was only 1%. It reached the first billion mark in 2005, and there’s no looking back since then. The most exciting fact is, around 1.7 billion people joined the Internet in the span of just five years (2012-2017). According to the data, each day adds 1 million new internet users, while ten new users join every second.

Around 60% of People Use Internet Service On Mobile Devices

Till 2014, the Internet was used primarily on PCs. However, with the rise of devices that can be connected to the cloud, mobile internet use has grown exponentially. Today, it will be not surprising to see at least three different devices connected to the Internet with a single user. The research estimates that around 28.5 billion devices will be connected to the Internet worldwide by 2022.

With Each Search, Carbon Is Released In The Environment

Every time we search something over the Internet, greenhouse gases are released. Nearly 2-7grams of CO2 is emitted per search. The good thing is, companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook have come forward to protect the environment. They do their best to make sure their global data centres and cloud computing centres are eco-friendly. Even we can contribute to this initiative by following simple steps such as turning off the PCs, laptops if we are not using them, or we can meet people in person if possible rather than sending them an email or a simple WhatsApp text.

The Internet Could Break Anytime

Even though people lived their lives happily without the Internet before 1990, today it’s unimaginable. If the Internet breaks down, the whole world will face one of the biggest transformations ever. But can the Internet really break down? Sadly, yes and the reasons can be anything like a massive cyberattack, mass cable cutting, etc.