Can Manchester United Challenge for The Premier League Title This Season?

When we look at last season pre-lockdown, United didn’t look anywhere nearing creeping into the top 4 of the Premier League to secure themselves in the UEFA Champions League for next season however with a spell of unbelievable and consistent performances they soared their way through the league and actually ended up finishing 3rd in the league ahead of top 4 contender rival Chelsea and Leicester who finished 4th and 5th respectively.

However Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Co will want to go one further this season and try and break the mould of the top 2 of bitter rivals Manchester City and Liverpool by using the form from last season and try and take on the big boys for the Premier Title, something that haven’t done since 2013 when Sir Alex Ferguson retired. Is this United’s year?

With United’s season due to start later than the rest of the Premier League teams due to their run in the Champions League and therefore United fans have had to find alternative ways to entertainment themselves whilst they await the team’s start to the league campaign. One trend that we have seen United fans using is that of online casinos and that is certainly apparent due to the Ocean Breeze Casino reviews. They show that these sort of United or football fans won’t be stopping to gamble on their casinos even the football season returns due to the quality of casinos the reviews are stating.

Manchester United have made a signing over the summer in Donny van de Beek and he certainly will be one that will excite United fans. Normally a number 10, he seems like the type of player who can find space anywhere on the pitch and that’s the type of player any team needs in their side. The only questions United fans will be asking is where the balance come into Manchester United midfield with him, Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes?

However, even though they have secured the signing of van de Beek, we do believe that United are one signing away from being title challengers; and in our opinion, that signing is Jadon Sancho. Sancho is a world-beater, and even if you don’t have that opinion, he’s going to be a world beater one day with him only being 20-years old.