New virtual marketing consultancy wants to help get young people back to work and help businesses streamline their marketing department

New virtual marketing consultancy wants to help get young people back to work and help businesses streamline their marketing department 1

Marketing consultancy company, Lagom Marketing, is offering businesses and start-ups a new way of building a marketing team. The virtual marketing director service will enable businesses to access senior-level marketing expertise without the cost of a salaried marketing director. Whilst virtual, the service aims to ensure businesses feel like they have a dedicated in-house marketing director, developing strategy, as well as providing guidance, training, and support to junior team members

Marketing we know can often be the first budget to be hit in a difficult economic environment. Whilst this can be an easy way to reduce costs, marketing is also one of the important ways to get ahead and keep building a business. Lagom Marketing’s service will provide a personal and dedicated marketing director for its clients. This will include developing strategy and building action plans, which junior teams can manage day-to-day as part of the team. This means that companies that may struggle to fund a senior marketer, gets the benefit of the expertise without the annual cost of the full-time salary.

Deenie Lee of Lagom Marketing says: “As the current pandemic continues to disrupt our world and our businesses, we wanted to look at a new model which means that we can support businesses more cost-effectively and in a flexible and tailored level – which means that businesses can switch support on and off as and when they need.”

In addition to providing strategic marketing support. The service can also assume the remote management of a junior team member or apprentice.

Deenie continued: “We all know in many businesses marketing is done by someone wearing many hats. So, we wanted to find a way where we can support a business with strategic marketing expertise, whilst also taking on the time-consuming elements of managing a junior team to deliver it. This means that those trying to do three jobs in one, can have more time to concentrate on the other two things.”

Whilst we are yet to see the full fall out of the current Covid19 crisis on the job market, we all know we are in for some tough times ahead. With the news that 13.4% of 16-24 year olds are unemployed*, it is understandably a worrying time for young people trying to start a career. With Rishi Sunak offering incentives to get young people back into work such as the Kickstart Scheme and up to £2000 to hire Apprentices – help is available for business to employ young people. However, giving them the time to grow is not always possible in a challenging environment and a busy workforce. This virtual or remote marketing director service hopes to find a middle ground, which means young people can find work and businesses can give them the support them need without boosting the salary budget.

Deenie continued: “Giving young people an opportunity and the right support to thrive is a passion of mine and we all know that the current economic crisis we find ourselves is and will negatively impact young people. Through this new service, we are hoping that more companies feel able to take on young entry level employees – knowing that we will take on the guidance, mentoring and support – in a personal way – which is focused on the outcomes for their business.

“The pandemic has left us with a feeling that we are all in this together and with so many young people being disadvantaged, it feels that collectively we need to find solutions to rebuild our businesses and our economy. For companies who want to employ a young person but are reluctant because of lack of time and specialist in-house knowledge, we offer a new alternative. From just £600 a month we provide strategic planning and management of a junior team. Giving back time, providing knowledge, and saving money.”

Deenie concluded: “On a personal level, if we can adapt our model to support more businesses to keep their costs down whilst the country recovers and give junior marketers a good start in their careers to show what they can truly achieve, then it will be a good days work for me.”